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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting Parents Involved

Communicating with parents is the first step to getting them involved. Edutopia has an interesting post on this subject here and here.  If you don't think your school is doing a good job in the areas below, tell them of your interest - and help them if you can.

Develop (or Enhance) Class and School Web Pages

School Web sites are the most efficient way to give parents a peek inside the happenings of a classroom or school. Pictures of school activities, plus calendars, e-newsletters, examples of student work, and week-by-week listings of course assignments and due dates, are just a few of the ways teachers or principals are using the Internet to share important classroom and school information with parents.
Keep it current, though: An out-of-date Web site is almost worse than no site at all. Assign someone with the time and skills necessary to keep it current and interesting.

Distribute E-Newsletters

Most students aren't reliable couriers. Class and school newsletters or fliers about upcoming events wind up crumpled at the bottom of backpacks or crammed into pockets. E-newsletters skip the middleman and send the information directly to parents' email accounts. They're quick, cheap, and reliable. Not every family will have access to email, so continue to provide the hard-copy option for those who need it.

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