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Friday, May 31, 2013

A Short History of Education Acronyms and the 2013 Rock Hill School District Retirees #rockhillschools #rockhill

Educators are known for their Acronyms. To a "non-educator", it is almost as if they are talking a different language. Trying to keep vital information away from the aliens (non-educators). Not to mention the "plan of the year". Below is a poem highlighting some of that history and a message to those "left behind":

On Retiring: An Ode to Acronyms
By Becky Sanderson, Class of 2013 Retirees

The time has come for me to go.  Retirement’s finally here.
I feel the time is perfect now to end my long career.
As I was cleaning out my files, I truly was amazed
At all the many acronyms we’ve used in many ways.
I found notes on DePict DePart and a PET evaluation,
The book Assertive Discipline and more abbreviations.
At one time we did TQE, at one time CPI,
(I know they were important, but I can’t remember why!)
For new folks many years ago APT was endured;
But now we know ADEPT and FEAT as acronyms du jour.
Now most of you remember WOW and well as UbD;
We currently do RtI and also PLC.
Each time I’ve done a GBE or joined an interest group,
I’ve found some new ingredients for my old alphabet soup.
But now that I’m retiring, the acronyms have changed.
It seems the definitions have all been rearranged.
Now WOW means “Wine on Wednesdays!”  And what about GBE?
Life’s “Getting Better Everyday” like retirement ought to be.
My PLC is going to change; I plan to be inspired
By my “Perfect Lunch Community” with friends who are retired.
You’re living now with RtI but what it means to me
Is Reading-Traveling-Interacting with friends and family.
And when I hear the phrase “irock anytime anywhere,”
I’ll follow those instructions in my favorite rocking chair.
I’ll read my book and sip my wine and think of all of you.

Take heart, dear friends, the day will come when YOU can retire, too!

The Rock Hill School district is truly indebted to the following 56 individuals, who have   played an essential role in the lives of students. Good luck in retirement: 
Russell Hinson, Belleview Elementary
Luci Newton, Belleview Elementary
Susan Simpson, Belleview Elementary
Paul Carpenter, Castle Heights Middle
John Edmonds, Castle Heights Middle
Bonnie Harris, Castle Heights Middle
Renette Helms, Castle Heights Middle
Marty Stutts, The Children’s School at Sylvia Circle
Jennifer Anderson, District Office
Pansy Bailey, District Office
Gigi Bull, District Office
Dorothy Burris, District Office
Rhonda Deas, District Office
Debi Gantt, District Office
Bruce Harris, District Office
Stephen Ward, District Office
Teresa Ezell, Dutchman Creek Middle
Madelyn Soles, Ebenezer Avenue Elementary
Mary Jo Thaxton, Ebenezer Avenue Elementary
Susie Doggett, Ebinport Elementary
Connie Forrester, Ebinport Elementary
Karen Kirkland, Finley Road Elementary
Teresa Daniels, Lesslie Elementary
Sherri McKinney, Lesslie Elementary
Mary Malette Wood, Lesslie Elementary
Susan Demarest, Mount Gallant Elementary
Rhonda Logan, Mount Gallant Elementary
David Thomas, Mount Gallant Elementary
Delores Davis, Mount Holly Elementary
Col. Arthur W. Ahl, Northwestern High
Eugene Bumgardner, Northwestern High
Bill Stowe, Northwestern High
Dora White, Northwestern High
Clark Wicklund, Northwestern High
Susan Lowery, Oakdale Elementary
Neil McVann, Oakdale Elementary
Suzanne Dalesandro, Old Pointe Elementary
Susan Houston, Phoenix Academy
Stephanie Dingle, Rawlinson Road Middle
Paula Hamilton, Rawlinson Road Middle
Adelene Hinton, Rawlinson Road Middle
Rebecca Faris, Richmond Drive Elementary
Cindy Johnson, Richmond Drive Elementary
Judy Garner, Rock Hill High
Deborah Mitchem, Rock Hill High
Raelene Cavanaugh, Rosewood Elementary
Helen Taylor, Rosewood Elementary
Polli Vaughn, Saluda Trail Middle
Cecilia Boles, South Pointe High
Ann Crouch, Sullivan Middle
Dian Heath, Sullivan Middle
Eva Simpson, Transportation
Donna Hickey, York Road Elementary
Patti May, York Road Elementary
Becky Sanderson, York Road Elementary
Elaine Young, York Road Elementary

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rock Hill School District News #rockhill #rockhillschools

New Assistant Principals
At last night's school board meeting, the board approved the following appointments of seven new assistant principals for the 2013-14 school year which will become effective July 1:
Damon Ward, Rosewood Elementary
   Replaces Jill Pappas who's the new principal at Independence Elementary
Michael Belk, South Pointe High
   Replaces Denise Khaalid who will become the principal of Oakdale Elementary
Keri Brown, Lesslie Elementary
   Replaces Sherri McKinney who's retiring
Brian Hollingsworth, Ebinport Elementary
   Replaces Connie Forrester who's retiring
Dr. Kira L. Reaves, Sullivan Middle
   Replaces Darin Pearson who was terminated
April Ulmer, Saluda Trail Middle
   Replaces Polli Vaughn who's retiring
Brian Hammond, The Children School at Sylvia Circle
   Replaces Sherry Finley who will teach next year
Winners of "Energy Apple" Classroom Conservation Contest
At last night's school board meeting, winners of this year's "Energy Apple" Classroom Conservation Contest were chosen at random by individual board members. Thanks to York County Natural Gas Authority andMann Travel and Cruises, the district had some fantastic gifts to offer. Congratulations to:
Winners of Laptop Rolling Carts
Joyce Newman, Central Child Development Center
Rebecca Partlow, District Office
Adrianne McGee, South Pointe
Tonya Belton, District Office
40" LCD TV's
Gloria Baston, Independence
Terri Turner, Rock Hill High
Sweepstakes Winner
A cruise or trip to the coast or the mountains, $1,500 value
Christina Dempsey, York Road
Please be sure to check out Energy Management's website at,  
Elaine T. Baker
Director of Information Services
Rock Hill Schools

Rock Hill School District Budget Hearing on Monday, June 10, 2013 #rockhill #rhschoolboard #rockhillschools

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rock Hill Schools Announces 7 New Assistant Principals #rockhill #rockhillschools

The Rock Hill School Board approved the administration's recommendations for 7 Assistant Principles during Tuesday night's May Business meeting (see picture above). The vote was 7-0.

Natalie Rodgers, Northwestern High School 10th grade Jr.ROTC student opened the meeting. During her presentation, she recognized Col. Ahl for his 51 years of service to his country - 24 years as the Northwestern Jr. ROTC lead instructor and 27 years of active duty in the Air Force. Col. Ahl will be retiring at the end of this year.

Other action taken by the board:
  • Approved the consent agenda (minutes from; a work session, retreat, and business meeting, personnel recommendations, 4 facilities requests, 4 bus rental agreements, and a banking RFP). Vote was 7-0
  • Approved a bond resolution to refinance an existing bond and save about $1 million dollars in interest. vote was 7-0.
  • Approved a bond resolution to include a 3 year, $3.1 million bond for iPads with the first year payment of $1.3 million to be paid from the capital fund and a 5 year $5 million dollar bond for capital and technology improvements with the projects to be approved by the board in June. The existing tax rate will not be changed  because of this bond. Vote was 7-0
  • Approved a multiple child discount for band families of 25% for each child over 1. Vote was 7-0
  • Approved Policy BDE - Board committees for 2nd and final reading. Vote was 7-0
  • Approved Policy EZ - Environmental Sustainability for 1st reading. Vote was 7-0
  • Approved applications for Saluda Trail to be a New Carolina Pilot site and for the school district to be a grassroots district. Vote was 7-0.
  • Approved bus rental agreements for The YMCA and for \the Salvation Army. Vote was 7-0

Friday, May 24, 2013

Northwestern High School Summer Camps #rockhill #rockhillschools

Rock Hill School District News #rockhill #rockhillschools

Congratulations to . . .
  • the Central Child Development Center on celebrating its 10th birthday on May 22 and receiving its accreditation;
  • Jackie Jones, principal of The Children’s School at Sylvia Circle, who has been invited to the June 12 meeting of the State Board of Education for recognition of her school’s placing 8th in the nation in First in Math.  And, Jeff Venables, District Teacher of the Year and S.C. Honor Roll Teacher, will also be honored.
  • Samantha McManus, library media specialist at Sullivan, whose article about the recent S.C. Read-In at the State House in Columbia, appears in the May Media Center Messenger published by the S.C. Assn. of School Librarians (see below.  

Summer Reading
The district is pleased to announce that all elementary schools will have a summer reading program. Programs will differ, but keeping the importance of reading before students is the goal! In addition, Winslow Schock, organizer of  “Cheer for Children” events, will give away his 20,000th free book on May 29 at Mount Holly Elementary. Dr. Winslow, as he’s better known, has been donating books to families, classes, and summer programs for years
Dates of Interest
  • May 27 – Teacher Appreciation Night at Chico’s, Millwood Plaza off Herlong, 5-9 pm
  • May 30  “Sights & Sounds” fine arts performance, Rawlinson Road Middle School, 5:30 pm, front patio
  • May 30  District’s Retirement Banquet, Events at Manchester, 7 pm 
  • May 31 – “Harmony High: The Musical” by fifth-graders at Northside Elem. School of the Arts, 7 pm in Sullivan Auditorium, directed by Northside Arts Team of Kelli PassmorePaul Nutter, Jodi HaynesAron Smart, Laura Adkinsand Jill Williams, free
  • June 10 – Public Forum on 2013-14 Operating Budget, D.O. Board Room, 6 pm
The Northwestern Trojan Girls’ Basketball Team will offer a pick-up chicken lunch on May 30 from 10 am-2 pm 

Medical Clinic Summer Schedule
The Rock Hill Medical Clinic, located at the Rock Hill Family Resource Center, will be open two days a week in June to accommodate families in need .

Elaine T. Baker
Director of Information Services
Rock Hill Schools

Monday, May 20, 2013

iRock Presentation at First Calvary Baptist Church #irockrh #rockhill #rockhillschools

An Invitation from Melvin Poole and the local chapter of the NAACP:
The Rock Hill NAACP is sponsoring a demonstration of the IPad2 device at First Calvary Baptist Church, 228 Lucky Lane in Rock Hill, on Thursday, May 23, at 7:00 p.m.  Personnel from the Rock Hill School District administrative office (Dr. Luanne Kokolis and Chris Smith) will conduct the demonstration and will be available to address comments from the audience.  
A plan is being implemented during the next school term that will place an IPad2 device in the hands of 8100 students in grades 4-8.  This will change the way students learn, creating an environment where teacher and students learn side-by-side.  Parents, students, and community members are encouraged to attend to learn about this new concept. 
You may contact Mr. Poole at 803/366-2184 or 803/366-1910 if additional information is needed.                  
Elaine T. Baker
Director of Information Services
Rock Hill Schools

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rock Hill School District News #rockhill #rockhillschools

Description: RHHS_BPA_2013Rock Hill High Scores National Win
Congratulations to members of the RHHS Business Professionals of America (BPA) organization who recently competed against 6,000 students from 23
states May 8-12 in the National Leadership Conference in Orlando. Members
of “Love at First Bite”—Allison Cooke, Drew  Bridges, Caitlin Yasika, Justin
Horne, and Tyler Wilk—won the national award in the Fair Trade Challenge. 
          In this challenge, students had to create their own business and
“develop an operating plan and organizational structure to initiate a Fair
Trade Business.” Students had to set up a booth for their business and
compete with others to sell products. In addition, senior Justin Horne was a
Description: RHHS_BPA_Awardtop 10 finalist in the entrepreneurship competition.
          Elated advisor, Jennifer Molnar, stated: “I am so proud of my business
students. They represented the ROCK with great professionalism and made
a name for S.C. at the BPA national level. Their outstanding performance at
the NLC (National Leadership Conference) was a direct result of their dedication,
passion and entrepreneurial skills.”
Dates of Interest
  • May 20–Drop-in to recognize Stephen Ward on his retirement, 4:00-5:30 pm, D.O. Board Room
  • May 20-24–Bus Driver Appreciation Days
  • May 21–Sullivan Chorus, directed by Lisa Pecaria, auditorium, 7 pm, free
  • May 21–Rawlinson Road Spring Musical, Cinderella, directed by Brooke Rice and Elise Archie, auditorium, 7 pm, donation
  • Rock Hill High 12th Annual Brett Ringer Golf Tournament, June 20, Pinetuck Golf Course, proceeds go toward college scholarships 

  • The Northwestern Trojan Girls’ Basketball Team will offer a pick-up chicken lunch on May 30 from 10 am-2 pm (info attached with order form) 
Candidates for CERRA Advisory Board
Risӫ Strickland and Carol Weaver, English teachers at Rock Hill High, are running for the CERRA (Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention and Advancement) Advisory Board. Risӫ is running for the mentor position, and Carol, the Teacher Cadet position. They are the only teachers from Rock Hill Schools running, so good luck Risӫ and Carol.
Focusing on Energy and "Cash for the Classroom"
Kim Melander, Director of Energy, has published a newsletter titled Energy and Systems. He has shared some great information, and employees should especially note the details about the “Apple Award Program” on page 2. There are some great prizes, but the date of May 17 is especially important!

National Board News
A Candidate Support Provider workshop is being planned for June 18-19. This training is an opportunity for liaisons or current NBCT’s to receive the information and support they need to most effectively support candidates. CERRA will cover the costs associated with the training, including materials. Those interested should email Jenna Hallman at pronto since space is limited.
Elaine T. Baker
Director of Information Services
Rock Hill Schools

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ebinport Elementary Classroom Gardens awarded Grant!

May 14, 2013
Our gardens will be awarded $4,500.00 for equipment, updates and new garden spaces. Lowe's will also be providing employee volunteers to help complete these exciting new projects. We are so honored that Lowes would recognize our efforts to create a hands on learning environment at Ebinport. Thanks Lowes!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Northwestern Boys Soccer Advances to Next Playoff Round #rockhill

The Northwestern High School Boys Soccer team defeated Riverside In overtime Thursday night to advance to the next round against Irmo High School. That game will be played Saturday night at Irmo.

Irmo's legendary coach, Phil Savitz, will be leaving the school after this season to start a soccer program at a new high school next year, making the Trojans work a little harder, if that is possible. Northwestern and Irmo have played some of the best games in SC over the past 10 years.

Here is the link to the playoff schedule:

Amazing News from The Children's School at Sylvia Circle #rockhill #rockhillschools

The 4th and 5th grade students at the Children's School at Sylvia Circle  accomplished an amazing feat this year.   They placed 8th in the nation (out of over 5000 schools) in the online math competition, First in Math. (First in Math Nationwide Competetion: 2.7 Million Registered Players, 90,588 Teams (classes), 1,023 Districts) The students placed 1st in the State (out of 65 schools).  The students solved over 1.4 million math problems correctly and logged over 4000 math hours.   They worked for this goal of being top 10 in the nation since early September.   To celebrate this amazing accomplishment, the students will have a celebration Monday afternoon (May 13) at 1p.m.  We would love if you would come and help us celebrate reaching our year long goal.

Upper elementary teachers at The Children's school at Sylvia Circle

Rock Hill Featured in National Report on City Leadership for Children and Families #rockhill

Rock Hill, SC – Rock Hill is featured in a new report highlighting promising city efforts to improve the lives of children, youth and families in communities with populations below 75,000.
Published by the National League of Cities (NLC), “Municipal Leadership for Children and Families in Small and Mid-Sized Cities” describes innovative strategies from more than 40 cities and towns across the country.  The report contains examples of city leadership in areas such as early childhood development, education, health and safety, family economic success, neighborhood revitalization, and youth civic engagement. view the report.
Rock Hill was selected for inclusion in the report for our #1 Question: Is it Good for the Children? initiative.  The #1 Question initiative calls on community partners to ask, “Is it good for the children?” when deciding if their plans are in the best interests of children in the community. Each entity has developed its own approach to ensure that children and youth remain a high priority. The volunteer-led and city-sponsored Commission for Children and Youth provided the spark for this initiative when it launched an awareness campaign in 2006.
NLC’s new report is designed to provide municipal leaders with new ideas and inspiration to guide local action on behalf of young people and families in their communities.  The report draws upon information gathered from surveys, interviews, and a scan of promising practices identified by NLC’s Institute for Youth, Education, and Families and state municipal leagues.  It explores the unique challenges and opportunities facing small and mid-sized cities that seek to improve outcomes for children and youth.
The National League of Cities (NLC) is dedicated to helping city leaders build better communities. NLC is a resource and advocate for 19,000 cities, towns and villages, representing more than 218 million Americans.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rock Hill School District News For Wednesday, May 8, 2013 #rockhill #rockhillschools

Congratulations to . . .

Lynn Helms

tRock Hill High’s Lynn Helms on her selection by the South Carolina Council for Exceptional Children Division on Career Development and Transition as the 2013 SC State Outstanding Special Educator of the Year. This practitioner honor is awarded to a special education teacher, transition specialist, teaching assistant, job coach, or adult agency provider who has demonstrated outstanding commitment and service to the career education, transition, and competitive employment of students with disabilities. 

  • South Pointe Principal Al Leonard on receiving the 2013 Scroggins Award at the S.C. Scholastic Press Assn. Spring Conference and awards ceremony on April 22.  Dr. Leonard received the award for outstanding contributions to scholastic journalism. He  was nominated by Cindy Koon, newspaper advisor, and the staff of SPiN, South Pointe in the News.
  • Elaine Baker, Director of Information Services, on receiving “Rewards for Excellence” from the S.C. Chapter of the National School PR Assn. for the district’s publications “Points of Pride” and 2011-12 Community Report.
Spring Concerts
  • May 9 & 10 – Rock Hill High Chorus, directed by Jonathan Hall, 7 pm, auditorium
  • May 14 – Rawlinson Road Middle School Bands, directed by Michael Skellett, 6 pm and 7 pm, auditorium
  • May 14 – Sullivan Middle School Orchestra, directed by Marsha Gross and Tanisha Gordon, 7 pm, auditorium, free
  • May 16 –Sullivan Middle School Concert and Jazz Bands, directed by Paul Guzewicz, auditorium, 7 pm, free
  • Susan Fields, advisor to the All Youth on Board Club at South Pointe High School, has announced that the Club will have a “donation” car wash this Saturday, May 11, at Jamieson’s Detailing at 1055 S. Anderson Road from 9 a.m. until noon. Half of the proceeds will be donated to South Pointe choral teacher Beverly Laney, who is waging a war against cancer.
  • In an effort to start a “Falcon” baseball program at Sullivan, 23 tickets to the upcoming Nationwide NASCAR race on May 25 at Lowe’s Motor Speedway have been secured in the General Motors Grandstand in rows 29 or 30.  The face value of a ticket is $56, but they are now for sale for $35. Interested race car fans should call or email Principal Mike Waiksnis at 981-1450 or
  • The D.O.  Instructional Staff has scheduled a drop-in on May 20 to recognize Stephen Ward on his retirement.
  • Graphics and computer students of Valerie Sims at Sullivan Middle School have been given the honor and privilege of creating  “Welcome Home” banners and posters for the local 178 Engineering Battalion that will be placed along the fences on the road to the military airport in Columbia and inside the airport. The soldiers are expected to return to S.C. between May 19-23.
“Future Trojans” Camp
Northwestern will host a football “Future Trojans” camp for students in grades 5-7 on Saturday, May 11. The camp, which is free, will be held from 9:00-noon on the NHS practice fields.
Elaine T. Baker
Director of Information Services
Rock Hill Schools

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