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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August Rock Hill School Board Meeting Results

The Rock Hill School Board took the following action (all 7-0 votes):
  • Approved the consent agenda (Minutes for; June 28;July 27; August 9, Personnel Recommendations, Impact Community Church rental at Rawlinson Road Middle School, Suspension of Fund Balance Policy for 2010-2011, and Jim Vining's board compensation to Math Departments at the three high schools and to the Elementary Honors Choir.
  • Approved the appointment of George Marek Marshall as Assistant Principal at Rawlinson Road Middle School.
  • Approved Policy GBEBDA (Criminal Record Checks) for first reading.
  • Approved Policy KHE (Political Solicitations in Schools) for second and final reading.
  • Approved Policy JRA (Student Records) for second and final reading.
The board recognized Officer John Aiton as the Upstate School Resource Officer of the Year. Mr. Aiton said his secret was to treat every child as if it was his own.

The board recognized fellow member Ann Reid for achieving level 5 of the South Carolina School Boards Association Boardmanship Institute.

The board recognized Ebinport Elementary, Mount Holly Elementary, and Sullivan Middle School as our newest Red Carpet Schools.

The board heard a report and viewed a short video on the opening of schools.

The board heard a report on the Positive Deviant Visionary Team. Chris Ruppe and Chad Smith represented the team and made brief presentations. Mike Patrick, from Milliken, attended the meeting. Mike and Milliken served as hosts for the teams first series of meetings. Chris reported on learning some of the "education" language which was foreign to "non educators". Chad reported he hoped the team would come up with 0.5 to 1 million dollar ideas (either savings or increase in revenue).

The board heard a report on the results of last years testing and the success of summer school.

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