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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rock Hill Schools Update #rockhill #rockhillschools

It's A Small World
The following email was received this evening from Stephanie DiStasio, principal at Rosewood, who is currently in Washington, D.C., attending a conference:

Carolina Allen and Stephanie DiStasio
"Of all the amazing photos I took with the important people who represent SC on Capitol Hill, none is as meaningful as this one (attached).  While eating lunch in the noisy and busy Congressional cafeteria, I heard MRS. DISTASIO! I looked up to see my former IB Diploma student from South Pointe's first graduating class, Caroline Allen. We chatted and caught up.  I told her what I was doing to make sure educators had a voice, and she told me about graduating from Tulane University, being an intern on Capitol Hill and then about her job in Washington DC with a non-profit called OurTime, which is aimed at giving a voice to the issues 'Millenials' face (and where she regularly interacts with members of Congress).

"Before hurrying off we posed for a quick picture, and she honored me by posting it on social media with the caption: 'It is because of teachers like Mrs. DiStasio I am where I am today.'

"Caroline is an example of what Rock Hill Schools do every day--teach our children to learn, connect, grow and thrive. Caroline is making ALL of us proud in each of those areas.  Well done Rock Hill teachers!"

New Purchasing Director
Rock Hill Schools is proud to welcome Nicole Hatch as the district's new purchasing director. Nicole comes to Rock Hill Schools from Union County (NC) government.

Rock Hill Reads
At a news conference Monday morning at the York County Library, Mayor Doug Echols and Supt. Lynn Moody announced a community partnership where the focus will be on the importance of reading everyday by every citizen and how this will impact young readers.

The Mayor will use the City's communication channels to promote reading (such as electric bill notifications), and Supt. Moody announced that each of the district's 17 elementary schools will have a summer reading program--each different and at varied times. She encouraged every elementary parent to check out each school's website for dates and times.

Citizens were reminded that the York Count Library is an invaluable resource for finding books to read and only at the cost of acquiring a free library card!

At Monday's school board business meeting, the board . . .

...approved a balanced operating budget for school year 2013-14 totaling $129,100,000 (without a tax increase). This includes a year-of-experience step for most teachers, a two percent year cost of living increase for other staff, and a one percent bonus for all employees who are at their maximum step/pay grade.

...approved the purchase of the Winthrop Lodge, which is adjacent to Ebenezer Avenue Elementary, for  $96,400.

...recognized students at Richmond Drive Elementary School as the first winners of the district's Elementary Science Bowl.

...approved a technology request in the amount of $1.5 million and a capital request for $3.5 million.

...heard a comprehensive progress report from Supt. Lynn Moody on school year 2012-13.

...heard a report on math common core standards.

Elaine T. Baker
Director of Information Services
Rock Hill Schools

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