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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10/8 Board Meeting Notes

Northwestern High School Administrators, Blake, Ahl, Barber, and Cato
made presentations on what Northwestern is doing to narrow the
achievement gap.

There was a lot of discussion concerning the proposed reassignment maps.
The following came from those discussions:
Proposed High School Map: segments 309 and 310, (FairForest Farms,
Woodberry Farms) will remain at Rock Hill High School because of
transportation concerns. Segment 285 (Southland Park) will be moved from
Rock Hill High School to South Pointe High because of a transportation

Proposed Middle School Map: Segment 173 (Brandy Hill, Parkwood Villas)
was moved from Dutchman Creek to Rawlinson Road, Segment 157 (Stafford
Park) was moved from Sullivan to Rawlinson Road, Segment 156 (Cato
Estates, Lakeview Acres, Trexler Acres) was moved from Sullivan to
Dutchman Creek, and segments 131 and 133 (Laurel Creek, Harlinsdale,
Camelot) will remain at Sullivan.

The proposed elementary map remains as initially posted but there is no
Board consensus for it's approval. The original proposal, with the above
changes, will be presented to the Board at the Business meeting on
October 22nd.

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