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Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 14 Work Session Notes

Several Old Pointe Teachers made presentations on what Old Pointe Elementary
is and what their part is in making it what it is.

Consultant, Joyce Van Tassel-Baska, gave a report on a recent audit of the
district's Gifted and Talented Program. The review covered the elementary
building-based pullout program, the middle school advanced classes and the
high school honors, AP, and IB opportunities. Conclusions: "The Rock Hill
Gifted Program needs to 1) provide consistent offerings in each building
within elementary, middle, and high school levels, 2) develop a standard
K-12 differentiated curriculum framework, 3) develop a communication model,
4) provide on-going professional development, and 5) develop a program
accountability system." The Commendations were: "Use of research-based
curriculum materials in some buildings. Some strong programming in place.
Advanced courses at middle school a strong option. Using pullout time for
math course. Meeting students daily for pullout options." Recommendations
were: "Develop a consensual vision and philosophy for the gifted program.
Define differentiated content, strategies and materials. Develop a
curriculum scope and sequence. Provide a differentiated research-based
materials menu. Adapt curriculum and instruction for low SES students. Plan
for social-emotional curriculum integration. Provide consistent K-2
services. Develop grading policy and appropriate measures for judgment.
Collect pre-post evidence of student learning. Develop uniform standards for
gifted services district-wide. Include consistent foreign language
opportunities. Use gifted student performance data for program
decision-making. Assign resource personnel to each building for multiple
roles. Create a professional development plan. Develop a communications
plan. Develop and update documents. Align with best practice standards in
gifted education." The Action Plan is thus: "Organized around major themes
from the recommendations and commendations. Five core themes: consistency,
curriculum challenge, accountability and assessment, teacher preparation,
and communication. Examples of action plan steps developed. Recommend
implementation across 1-3 years. Appoint a committee to oversee the plan.
Develop a timeline and indicators of success."

The district made a presentation that they will be going for District SACS
(Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) accreditation instead of
individual school accreditation.

Dr. Jaworowski gave an update on the School Improvement Process which was
started at the first of the year.

John Hair reported only one scoreboard vendor submitted a bid for the
District Three Stadium scoreboard and this would be over the already
approved amount of $300,000. Several options were considered with feedback
from the Board. The Administration will have a recommendation at the April
Business meeting.

The administration gave a progress report on the 2008-09 budget process.
The budget will be presented to the board at the May work session.

The administration gave a report on the interest savings which may be
possible with refinancing debt.

The board voted 7-0 to support the administrations recommendations for
contracts for the 2008-09 school year.

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