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Friday, April 4, 2008

free learning tool for every learning problem

Let's explore the idea that there is at least one excellent free learning tool for every learning problem (or issue)!

I want a FREE:

    1. Easy-to-use and secure Internet browser? Firefox
    2. e-Mail system? Gmail
    3. Social bookmarking tool?
    4. Online RSS reader? Google Reader
    5. Online Calendar? Google Calendar
    6. Learning Management System (LMS)? Easy, Moodle
    7. Hosted LMS? Here are SEVEN!
    8. Learning Activity Management System? LAMS
    9. Collaboration tool? Connect with Ning
    10. Social Networking tool? Tricky one! Facebook
    11. Content authoring tool? How about two? eXe & CourseLab
    12. Screencasting (recording) tool? Wink
    13. Hosted screencasting tool? Jing
    14. Audio recording tool? Audacity
    15. Tool to host my audio recordings? Odeo
    16. Virtual Classroom? DimDim
    17. Hosted Virtual Classroom? WiZiQ
    18. Videoconferencing chat service? Vawkr
    19. 3D online virtual world where I can socialize, connect and learn? Second Life
    20. Tool to make calls from my computer? Skype
    21. Online Quiz tool? ClassMarker
    22. Online polling tool with a bit of fizzle? Polldaddy
    23. Online survey tool? Click here to choose!
    24. Tool to broadcast myself to the world? USTREAM
    25. Online suite of office tools? Google Docs
    26. Wiki tool? PBwiki
    27. Blogging tool? WordPress! Why aren't you using WordPress? Good Question!
    28. Microblogging tool? Twitter
    29. Tool to share my slides? Too easy man! SlideShare
    30. Tool to share my videos? Come on! YouTube
    31. Tool to download videos from any video sharing site (YouTube, Metacafe, etc.)? ClipNabber
    32. Tool to share my pictures? Are you joking! Flickr
    33. Tool to create flowcharts, diagrams, technical drawings? Gliffy
    34. Tool to create cool personalized images? Custom Sign Generator Widgets
    35. Tool to create comics and cartoons? ToonDoo
    36. Image Resizer? Dosize
    37. Metasearch engine with visual display interfaces? What! Here is KartOO!
    38. Watermarking tool? uMark
    39. Screen Color Picker? ColorSchemer
    40. Tool to make screenshots from different browsers with one click? Browsershots
    41. File hosting solution that allows me to share files up to 250MB each? FileCrunch
    42. Online visual dictionary and thesaurus? Visuwords
    43. Mindmapping tool? FreeMind
    44. Interactive 3D business simulator? INNOV8
    45. Tool to create Flash games (templates)?
    46. Self-publishing tool (books, papers, articles, etc)? Scribd
    47. Tool to improve my typing skills? Peter's Online Typing Course
    48. Gaming tool to help me learn ICT?
    49. Tool to highlight text in a webpage? The Awesome Highlighter
    50. Tool to aggregate all my resources, mail, RSS feeds, etc, in one place? iGoogle
    51. Site to make you shut up? About time! Here we go:

25 (must-have free) Tools: Professional Development Programme (Jane Knight)

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