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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rock Hill School Board Business Meeting Notes

The Rock Hill School Board met on Monday, June 23, 2008.  Walter Brown was not there because he is recovering from surgery.  These are my notes from the meeting:

Approved by a vote of 6-0 the following promotions: Jackie Jones as Assistant Principal at Finley Road Elementary School; Laney Burris as Coordinator of Risk Management/School Safety; Carie Hucks as Asst. Principal at Castle Heights and; Gwen Lindsey as Asst. Principal at Sullivan.

Recognized Ms. Sandy Andrews on her selection as South Carolina's Adult Education Director of the Year;
Approved the Consent Agenda by a 6-0 vote.  Items were:
        minutes of the May 27 and June 9 meetings of the board;
        personnel recommendations;
        recommended 2008-09 salary scales for administrators, support staff, and teachers;
        overnight field trip requests from Rawlinson Road Middle School, Rock Hill High, and South Pointe High School;
        procurement code updates effective July 1;
        the cancellation of the July 14 work session of the board;
Bakari Rawlinson, owner and head coach of the Carolina Scorpions semi-pro football team, requested the use of a district stadium as their home stadium - no action was taken.

Supt. Moody made the following announcements:
        The Student Engagement Conference will be held June 24 and June 25 at South Pointe High School. Approximately 450 educators have registered to listen to nationally known speakers and choose from more than 100 workshops.

        A copy of the 2008-09 school calendar is now available on the district's website (

        School lunch and breakfast prices will be going up for next year.  This will be an item for the July Business Meeting.         

        Summer school for high school students got under way June 23 at Rock Hill High, with Asst. Principal Darryl Taylor as director.  Preliminary enrollment figures are at 200 students, but the district is also offering additional opportunities for high school students this summer which include Virtual High School and Credit Recovery plus classes at the Phoenix Academy and Renaissance for a grand total of over 1,000 students.

        Jessica Schonberg, education reporter at The Herald, will be leaving at the end of June to return to Chapel Hill. Her replacement will be Shawn Cetrone, an education reporter with the Charlotte Observer.

Approved the proposed 2008-09 general fund budget with a 5-1 vote (Douglas against). To make up the difference between expenditures and revenue, the board approved up to a three-mil increase on non-residential property and agreed that additional revenue could be taken from the 2007-08 fund balance or the capital expense fund.

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Bakari said...

HI! From Bakari Rawlinson just recently this football team with the help of former alumni from these area schools went 11-3 and played in the SouthEastern American League Football Championships unfortunt1ey we lost but won the league conference . I was inquiring if any new action was taken on your use of facility policy .

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