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Monday, August 17, 2009

Do Teachers Need Education Degrees?

The New York Times has opened up the debate over the value of an education degree. Read the discussion by clicking here.

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vamoe said...

The answer is a very strong "Yes, teachers need education degrees." Not only do teachers need education degrees, but they need to be aware that they are actually better prepared than people who are teaching who do not have education degrees. I do not have an education degree, but like many people, I must do some teaching in my profession. Many of my colleagues who have education degrees complain they did not learn a thing in their education classes, but particularly the first five to ten years I worked in my field I realized that, though i was an expert in my discipline, I was woefully ignorant of how to actually accomplish things with the people I have to teach, whether it was in staff meetings with my boss and coworkers or in groups I lead. Probably everyone would benefit from the knowledge teachers have about how to get things done with people.

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