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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rock Hill School Board Work Session Next Tuesday @ Lesslie Elementary School

Please note the September work session of the Rock Hill School Board will be on Tuesday night instead of the usual Monday meeting. Big items will be a discussion on the recent $1.5 million dollar shortfall in this year's revenue and a new student assignment policy. A copy of the agenda can be seen by clicking here.

SCHOOL BOARD WORK SESSION Text Box: Professional Code Put Students First Nurture Relationships Work Together for a Shared Vision Grow Professionally Continuously Find Ways to Improve
LOCATION: Lesslie Elementary
START: 5:30 p.m.
DATE: TUESDAY September 15, 2009
1 Presentation by Lesslie Elementary School, Seberina Myles
2 Enrollment Report (10 day), Joel Whitesides
3 Status of Positions for 2009-2010, Beckye Partlow
4 4%-6% Cut of EFA Funding, Bill Mabry
5 ARRA State Fiscal Stabilization Fund, Bill Mabry
6 Pennies for Progress-Rights of Way,-Southside High Area Bill Mabry
7 Annex Building, Luanne Kokolis
8 Reassignment Policy, Luanne Kokolis
9 Updated & New School Board Policy Proposals, Keith Wilks

Proposed new policy:


Reassignment of Students

Code JCR Issued DRAFT9/09

Purpose: To establish the basic structure to reassign students to schools.

In order to provide equal access to quality educational opportunities for all students, the Board is committed to providing necessary and adequate resources, to include materials, technology, and personnel, to all district schools. School assignments are made to maximize use of school facilities and support diverse populations. Students are assigned to schools within the attendance zone of their residence. The Board believes in the philosophic goal of maintaining meaningful diversity. Due to growth and demographic shifts in populations, and opening of new schools, parents should not expect that their school of initial enrollment will be their child's school for all of the elementary, middle, or high school years, as attendance zones are subject to change. Should reassignment occur, the Board does make a commitment to students and parents to:

• make every reasonable and practical effort to avoid reassignment

• begin the reassignment process in the fall of the year preceding implementation of a new reassignment plan

Prior to the start of the school year, the superintendent shall prepare an annual report reviewing school population in individual schools to include the percentage of students receiving free and/or reduced lunch supplement, student performance on state achievement tests, and student distribution. In addition, the administration will review student distribution data to ensure that no school is in racial isolation.

Attendance areas are available from the Planning Department and can be viewed on the district Web-site at:

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