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Monday, September 27, 2010

Becoming A Better Parent

So much of being a "good" parent involves luck. If you are like me, you didn't take  parenting classes and relied on what you remember from growing up. You hope that blending your experiences and your spouse's experiences, will make for a better education for your children. The Rock Hill Schools has a ParentSmart group to help you become a better educated parent. Their newsletters give great tips for helping your preschool children be ready for school. Rock Hill also has Early Childhood Instructional Coaches to help with this.

The reason Early Childhood (birth to 6 years of age) experiences are important is that recent brain scanning tests show that children who are stimulated to learn during this period of rapid brain development have a brain which is designed for learning. Children who are bi-lingual by 5, will be able to pick up foreign languages as adults and, most of the time, without an accent - all because their brain will have been "wired" for it. What a great 21st century tool to have!

This is why kindergarten teachers can identify students who will struggle to be successful. Those children will have a difficult time learning and retaining what is taught because their brains were not stimulated during the developmental years. They are, essentially, handicapped for life. We've always know how difficult it is for children to catch up - now science has shown, through brain scans - there is a reason for it.

You should make every contact with a preschooler a learning experience to help prepare them for life.

Brain Rules For Baby

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