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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Notes From Rock Hill School Board Work Session on 9/13/2010

Sullivan Middle School gave an update to the Board on all their activities. They used Administrators, Parents, Teachers, and students to present their report. This is a partial listing of their activities:

  • Completed a survey of all their Stake Holders (Parents, Students, Teachers)
  • Worked on increasing parent involvement through expanding communication by using; email; Facebook; twitter; phone calls; an electronic message board and;  old fashion paper.
  • They started a "Parent University"
  • Utilized Winthrop for tutoring sessions by using Title III funds. 
  • Met with the City and County concerning sidewalk and road improvements around the school.
  • Implemented an incentive program to encourage students to read more books.
  • Art students completed work for the Dorthy Day Soup Kitchen and the SC School for the Blind and Deaf.
The Administration updated the Board on recent SAT results and announced that Belleview Elementary is a Semi-Finalist for Distinguished Title I schools in SC.

The administration answered questions about the proposed technology and capital budgets and presented a plan for updating the Districts Needs for facilities and technology.

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