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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Impact of ETV Cuts To Public Education

From the Kershaw School District Web Site:

Impact Of ETV Cuts

One of the state budget cuts that has been proposed by Governor Hailey is to ETV.  What really hasn’t come to light in the public is the fact that ETV is more than “Masterpiece Theatre” or “Antiques Roadshow.”  ETV provides a number of critical services to school districts all over the state.  For example, ETV provides a variety of online video resources that are widely used by students and teachers (25,000 times in Kershaw County since July).  ETV supports many of the video delivery systems in our schools, which are used, for example, to do morning news shows.  Also, ETV provides access to online research sites that are very important to our media centers.  Finally, ETV provides reasonably priced recertification courses for teachers, in the $100-$200 range versus up to $1,000 otherwise.  The loss of funding to ETV will severely hamper school districts.  I wasn’t sure folks really understand this and it is certainly not being reported in the media.

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