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Friday, February 4, 2011

Zais Seeking Improved Effectiveness

Zais seeking improved effectiveness  (AUDIO)

On the job for about three weeks, new South Carolina Superintendent of Education Mick Zais says the expected state budget shortfall has caused him to examinine his department, in order to incorporate cost saving measures without compromising efforts to improve student learning in the public school system.
Zais says, while he has been working to develop effective cost-cutting measures, he has some specific goals in mind. During the campaign he advocated for a minimum consolidation of back office functions on a county-wide basis to cut down on duplication.
Zais says a more comprehensive and effective way of evaluating teacher effectiveness must be developed and implemented in order to improve student performance in classrooms around the state.
A Republican, Zais says Governor Haley and he have similar perspectives on educational funding. Zais agrees with Haley that more money should go directly to the classroom. He believes the funding formula for education must be simplified in a way that the average citizen can understand it and should be “transparent.”

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