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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Budget and Teacher of the Year - Random Thoughts

I had a meeting in downtown Rock Hill this morning. A citizen came up and asked the question, "How do we know the classroom is being protected? That we are doing everything to protect  teachers?" Their point, "fund classroom teachers first, then fund everything else with what is left. If it means fewer staff and administrators, so be it"

How proud can Rock Hill be? Three teacher of the year finalists in three years with two bringing home the top prize of Teacher of the Year. Every teacher in the district gets elevated by their success. Congratulations to Patti - an outstanding choice for the district and the state. If you have not already, you should watch the video SC ETV did on Patti. Click here to watch on youtube.

I was struck by something mentioned in Shawn Cetrone's article in Thursday's paper,  When the class of juniors learned that the winner leaves school for a year, a student spoke up: "How do we win? "We don't. You leave us."  A very good point. It reminds me of an Andy Griffith Show (Opie the Birdman). Opie raises a family of baby birds, and when they are able to fly away remarks, "Cage sure looks awful empty" and Andy replies, "But don't the trees seem nice and full". Our loss is the state's gain...and it is for only one year - Right Patti?
Photo by Andy Burris, Rock Hill Herald (Pictured, State Supt. of education, Patti Tate and Bryan Coburn)
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