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Monday, April 4, 2011

Parent to Parent

Melissa Cherry - - - Windy Tuck has volunteered in her children's schools for 17 years. Parenting magazine picked her to represent South Carolina at the magazine's 2nd annual Mom Congress on Education this month.

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"If you want to ensure that children will be successful in school, you have got to be involved in their education. At the end of the year when awards are given out, the children that you see on the honor rolls are the children of those parents that you see at the PTO meetings and volunteering. It is because they are often the parents that are making sure that homework gets done, that their children are reading every day, and that their children are exposed to educational experiences outside of the classroom. It doesn't matter what school that they're at, they're going to succeed because they have that parent support.
The main thing is not volunteering at school, but placing that value on education and making sure your kids know how important it is. Teachers can't force your child to learn. Parents have got to make their children value an education."
Windy Tuck

Read more by clicking here.  An article by Shawn Cetrone in  Monday's Rock Hill Herald.

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