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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade

A question for guys of my generation ( mostly 1960's); do you remember having to get your hair cut? That everyone of your parents age insisted  the world would go haywire if you didn't have fairly short hair - which was contrary to the youth movement of the time - and also very absurd. Well, below is a quote from an article Jane Sharp sent me about resistance to integrate technology and change learning:

Simply put, we can’t keep preparing students for a world that doesn’t exist. We can’t keep ignoring the formidable cognitive skills they’re developing on their own. And above all, we must stop disparaging digital prowess just because some of us over 40 don’t happen to possess it. An institutional grudge match with the young can sabotage an entire culture.

Made me think about my hair cuts and how insignificant that is compared to changing to a 21st century learning.
Click here to read the full article from the New York Times.

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