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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


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To learn more about ROAR, a new grassroots movement dedicated to changing SC's outdated tax code, simply click the link below!

"Our State Ain't Broke: Our System Is!"
ROAR's message is spreading: But we still need YOUR voice!

Politicians, the media, and South Carolinians like YOU are taking action and building momentum for the comprehensive tax reform our state so desperately needs. As you'll read below, Republican State Senator Tom Davis realizes that special interest exemptions have moved our state away from the principles of the free market. By exempting more ($2.7 billion) in sales tax than we collect ($2.5 billion), SC Democratic Chairman Dick Harpootlian said last week that we've made "the hole... bigger than the doughnut!"

Our state CAN lower tax rates, create jobs, build a friendlier business environment, and provide core services! But until your voice joins the chorus - until the ROAR becomes deafening! - comprehensive tax reform will remain a good talking point and not a reality. 

Take heart from the momentum we are building... 
Now it's YOUR turn to ROAR: Here's how!
  1. Spread our message to your local community: write a letter to the editor of your LOCAL paper. Linda Bianchone did!  For more ideas, go to to - Contact us if you're published & we'll put it in our next newsletter!
  2. Spread our message to your social network: forward this email to your friends, join our  mailing list, visit, like our facebook page, & follow us on twitter

The momentum IS building. But we still need your voice, now more than ever!
Keep 'em honest! Keep ROARing!
Michael W. Fanning, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 2043
Chester, South Carolina 29706

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