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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rock Hill School District Foundation

Letter From Our President

On behalf of the board of directors for the Rock Hill Schools Education Foundation, I want to thank you for visiting our new website.  Last year we proudly celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Foundation.  In my opinion the first 25 years was spent building a solid platform from which truly great things will be accomplished in the future.   Dreams that seem impossible can become reality when public education collaborates with the community and business leaders.
This is the story of the Rock Hill Education Foundation.   I invite you to view our entire website to learn more about the work being done.  Find out more about the tremendous success of the spring “Showcase of the Arts” and learn how the award-winning program “Back the Pack” is helping to feed school-age children who would otherwise go hungry over weekends.  And see how our “Teacher Grants” program is channeling much needed dollars into the classrooms at a time when teachers are working with the tightest budget in decades.
The Rock Hill Education Foundation has successfully served Rock Hill Schools for 25 years, and we are very excited about our future.
Lee Gardner
President, Rock Hill Schools District Foundation
Click here for a link to the Foundation Web Site

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