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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Something For Halloween

Click here for a link to the video.
For more ideas on creating spooky Halloween effects with dry ice, visit our Halloween Science page.

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Jim Vining said...

Jiminy Crickets, all I wanted to do was comment on your Education News blog and I had to enter characters, join Google, and have an IDurl or something. Too much for me. Just wanted to say about the Halloween science experiment:

Would have preferred some safety glasses -- chemical googles probably not needed, however. Also, tall GLASS graduated cylinders are easy to turn over and break; how about plastic cylinders?

Nice use of science for "national holidays", though.


PS Your blog was the only place I have found so far that listed the results of the band competition last Saturday. I didn't see NWHS perform, but Carlos Fuentes' trumpet was OUTSTANDING for RHHS.

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