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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rock Hill School Board Work Session Notes

The Rock Hill School Board held its November work session on Monday, November 12, 2012 at York Road Elementary School. These are my notes from the meeting:

  • Lawyer Don Harper swore in the board members who had been cleared by the elections office. Those were; Mildred Douglas; Ann Reid and; Walter Brown. There will be a recount on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 to determine the winner in the at-large race (won by Terry Hutchinson)
  • Election of officers was delayed until the final board member could be sworn in. The board agreed to have a called meeting for Friday, November 16, 2012 to swear in the new member and elect officers.
  • York Road Elementary updated the board on academic progress and several students told the board about their Quest classes.
  • Dr. Dempsey Worner told the group about his efforts regarding an upcoming board work session (November 29 & 30).
  • Dr. Harriet Jaworowski updated the board on efforts to update school media centers to the "digital" world.
  • Dr. Lynn Moody told the board she would like to devote all of the December 10 meeting to update the board on the iRock progress.
  • Dr. Harriet Jaworowski presented a proposal for new classes to be added to the course catalog (subject to board approval)
  • Keith Wilks presented a new policy for first reading (Policy JLCF) concerning school nurses.
  • Keith Wilks, for Dr. Luanne Kokolis, presented policy JJ, Student activities, and policy IHBH (Charter Schools) for second reading.
  • Beckye Partlow presented policy GBEC (Drug Free) and policy GCQE/GDQE (retirement of professional staff) for second reading.
  • Elaine Bilton presented policy DN (cash in schools) for second reading.
  • Dr. Jane Sharp asked if a discussion on board communications at  Board meetings could be delayed to a 1st quarter work session (agreed).
  • Dr. Harriet Jaworowski reported that all schools had revised their School Improvement plans and they were on their respective web sites.
  • The administration presented a proposal to transfer $5 million dollars from operation to capital subject to the board's approval.

The following items were requested for future board meetings:
  • New course proposals will be added to the November business meeting action agenda.
  • Transfer $5 million to capital from operations.
  • The following policies will be added to the November business meeting action agenda; JLCF;IHBH; GBEC; GCQE/GDQE and; DM
  • Policy JJ will be presented after Walter Brown checks that recent legislation requires language that is currently in the policy.
  • A board member requested a discussion of an issue over solicitations by staff (policy GBEBC). The request was made under policy KE and will be added to the next work session if it is not resolved before then.
There was no action taken after an executive session.

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