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Friday, December 7, 2012

Rock Hill School Board Retreat Results #iRockrh #rhschoolboard #rockhill

One of the objectives for the Rock Hill School Board retreat last week was to set objectives the board wanted to put priority on. The graph above shows the objectives that received at least 50% support from the board.

The full explanation for the top priority, Academic Performance Improvement, was "Address and improve academic and other performance indicators including; test scores;graduation rates and; achievement gaps. For the second priority it was, "Preparing staff (and Parents) for upcoming changes to education". The third priority was, "Proactive efforts to promote and engage community involvement".

An interesting point was that technology barely made the list. Interesting, because the district has been moving toward a massive technology program. However, if you look at Project Red project guidelines, maybe not so interesting. Some of their criteria for a project:

  • You must define student outcomes
  • You must define teacher behaviors
  • You must define building administer expectations
  • You must have revenue positive outcomes
  • You must define what success looks like and how you will know when you get it.
You could argue that the financial part would be included under community involvement, but the others are all included in the boards top three objectives.

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