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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rock Hill School Board February Work Session Self Evaluation #rhschoolboard

Meeting Evaluation
DIRECTIONS: By evaluating our past meeting performance, we can discover ways to make future meetings shorter and more productive. Check each item "Very Good" or "Adequate " or "Needs Improvement. " If you check "Needs Improvement, " include suggestions for improvement.
Date: Monday, February 10, 2014
95% Our discussion was cordial and well balanced (not dominated by just a few members).
Comments:  None
95% Participation was encouraged
Comments: None
85% Reports were clear, well prepared and provided adequate information for decision making.
Comments:  Please provide all materials needed in advance
90% Our meeting room was comfortable and conducive to discussion and decision making.
My favorite discussion was…….. Because…..
Branden Miller was very good. Update on iRock and exceptional students. Calendar - answered all questions, even the rough. iRock - we need more discussion as we progress - but the discussion was cordial and thoughtful. It was long (ORED report), but the info on the community was interesting. Branden Miller. Mildred getting a hug from Branden.
My suggestions for future board meetings are...
Value added evaluation for proposed topics for discussion. Achievement Committee to meet before March Work Session. $850 million pension liability.

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