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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Watch SC Senate Common Core Discussion Wednesday at 10 AM #rhsd3 #rockhillschools #rhschoolboard

There is currently a full court press against implementing Common Core in South Carolina (and in other states). A large contingent  against Common Core atttended Senator Hayes "Town Hall" meeting last night.

The South Carolina State Senate Education Committee will have a meeting at 10 AM, Wednesday, February 5, 2014 to hear a presentation on the pro's and con's of Common Core. The meeting will be streamed live from the legislature. Click here and follow the link(s) to watch it live on Wednesday.

The Rock Hill School Board was not asked for an opinion before the state decided to go with Common Core, nor have we been asked for an opinion on the current debate. What you should know is that we have not taken a position, but our district has spent money on Common Core and we have implemented it. A wholesale change would be  disruptive to the educational process and create a wasted expenditure of resources.

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