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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Northwestern High School's Dubree Hart is a Finalist #trojannation #rockhill

WSOC-TV has a contest each year for the “community” to vote for the best football player in the BIG 22.  Dupree Hart, from Northwestern and in the center top row photo, is one of five finalists. The school of the winner is awarded $10,000. 

2014 Big 22 5 finalists announced     

Please go to the website below as many times as possible between now and November 3rd and vote for Dupree, a former student at Sunset Park Elementary and Dutchman Creek Middle School.

·         Voters must register. Once a voter registers, it will take less than two minutes to vote each day. 
·         Click on the Big 22 logo and then under Dupree’s picture, click the button and hit save vote.  
·         Voters may cast nine votes per day per email address. 
·         Voting closes on Monday, November 3rd

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