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Monday, January 5, 2015

Prefiled SC Education Legislation #rhschoolboard

From Dr. Frank Morgan's Blog:

Prefiled Education Legislation

The 2015 Session of the South Carolina General Assembly begins next week.  Following is a summary of prefiled education legislation that will be considered:
S.45 – Would provide more flexibility for school district on the number of school days, subject to approval by the State Board of Education.
S.46 – Would permit local school boards to pay lump-sum bonuses to teachers for excellent performance. Bonuses would be capped at 20% of base salary and not be included in retirement benefit calculations.
S.49/S.50 – Would expand funding for 4K programs to more districts.
S.69 – Would permit the Governor to appoint the State Superintendent and establish qualifications for the office.
S.82 – Would require schools to have one hour of instruction on Veteran’s Day about the history and meaning of the holiday.
S.94 – Would prohibit school districts from issuing general obligation bonds for general operating expenses.
S.138 – Would provide legal immunity for a school employee or volunteer who intervenes on behalf of a student who is being bullied or harassed.
S.147 – Would require that a Special Education student who completes an IEP program to be awarded a diploma versus a certificate of attendance.
S.164/H3265 – Would require high school students to receive instruction in CPR.
S.224 – Would prohibit more than one school district within a county.
S.239 – Would require teachers and administrators to be paid at the Southeastern average.
H.3023 – Would require schools to provide instruction on the Second Amendment in December of each year.
H.3030 – Would require that an electrocardiogram test be part of the required athletic physical examination.
H.3075 – Would decrease the residence to school distance for required school bus transportation.
H.3094 – Would permit school employees to bring a civil action against a student who commits a criminal offense against the employee on school property.
H.3110 – Proposed an amendment to the SC Constitution that would add language requiring the General Assembly to provide a “high quality education for all children in the state.”
H.3205 – Would extend the deadline one year for the state to develop its own college and career ready standards.
H.3209/H.3240 – Would provide additional funding for K-12 from the lottery.
H.3221 – Would require Veteran’s Day to be a school holiday.
H.3222 – Would require the Department of Education to develop a model dating violence policy for districts to use to develop their own policy and also require the Department of Education to provide resources for training staff in this area.
H.3245 – Would create a “Public School Flexibility and Study Committee” that would study educational innovations that are promoting parity in educational opportunities.

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