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Friday, April 24, 2015

Last Chance for Education and Business Workforce Development Summit #rockhill

For more information: 981-7702S

Table Discussion:

  1. Low-skilled, routine jobs in our community will continue to be eliminated due to technology advances and an increased emphasis by industry on high-skilled jobs. How can we make technical careers, including those in manufacturing, more interesting and attractive to students/parents?
  2. Business and industry often says students coming out of high school are not prepared for the workforce. Exactly how are they are not prepared? What are your specific expectations as far as skill sets and thinking capacities for our graduates to have?
  3. Academic remediation, for example: reading levels, math skills, comprehension and retention of relevant information, writing and communication, are problem areas for many youth and adults seeking post-secondary education opportunities. How does the need for postsecondary remediation impact higher skill attainment? How do you suggest we improve these levels?
  4. Refer to "Profile of the SC Graduate" on your table. How can education and business partner to help our students gain these skills? Are there innovative ideas we should employ?

Businesses:   Please let us know what your business will do (be specific) to impact our future workforce. 

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