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Friday, April 17, 2015

Rock Hill Elementary Schools in Science Bowl #rhsd3

Below is the broadcast schedule on Comporium Cable 114 for the Science Bowl games the week of April 19th-25th  2015. 

Game 5 – York Road vs. Rosewood
Sunday, April 19th – 6:00pm
Tuesday, April 21th – 7:00pm
Thursday April 23rd – 7:00pm

Game 6 – Old Pointe vs. India Hook
Sunday, April 19th – 6:31pm
Tuesday, April 21th – 7:31pm
Thursday April 23rd – 7:31 pm

Game 7 – Oakdale vs. Finley Road
Sunday, April 19th – 7:01pm
Tuesday, April 21th – 8:02pm
Thursday April 23rd – 8:02pm

Game 8 – Finley Road vs. Mt Gallant
Sunday, April 19th – 7:34pm
Tuesday, April 21t h8:35pm
Thursday April 23rd –8:35pm

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