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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1/28 District Three Board Meeting Notes

The Board approved the Consent Agenda 7-0 after removing two band trips to Hawaii and the Sunset Park Year Round calendar for further discussion.

The Board approved a resolution, to be sent to our South Carolina Congressional Delegation, urging them to revise/modify the No Child Left Behind ACT and not wait until after the November election.  The vote was 7-0.

The Board approved numerous policies for first reading after removing the policy JICH which dealt with drugs and alcohol which was not intended to be up for revision. The vote was 7-0.

The Board voted to approve band trips to Hawaii after the administration stated the trips would have scholarships available, would not be counted toward a class grade, and they would investigate why one school's trip requires more missed classroom time than the other.  The vote was 6-1 with Brown voting against because it is outside the continental US.

The Board heard a recommendation from the Administration that Sunset Park Elementary school be converted back to a traditional calendar (from year round calendar) but the school would remain a magnet - with details to follow at the February Work Session.  Most Board members felt the administration should put everything together before voting and the measure was defeated 3-4 with Reid, Douglas, Silverman, and Vining voting against.

The Board approved 7-0 the appointment of  Elaine Belton as Executive Director of Finance and Jamie Quinn as Director of Renaissance Academy. Elaine will be replacing Leanne Lordo who resigned to accept a position in Fort Mill and Jamie's position is new and will be heading up our alternative school, the Renaissance Academy, which will be starting up in February.

Richmond Drive was recognized as the only Literacy Spot Winner in the State of SC last year (as an individual school).  Our district has 9 schools which have been recognized since the award has been given - around 20% of all that have been recognized in the state. District Three was recognized as a District Literacy Spot winner along with Spartanburg One, Union, and Florence One.

Victor Harlow addressed the Board with a request to revisit the zoning of his neighborhood to Mount Holly from Oakdale since he will have to drive by Oakdale to get to Mount Holly (lives off Hwy 72 at the Chester County Line).

The Superintendent stated that the District Stadium update scheduled for January would now be done at the February Work Session.

Montrio Belton addressed the board with a request to keep Sunset Park as a Year Round Calendar School.

The Superintendent reminded the Board to purchase tickets to the District's foundation Gala. Walter Brown reminded the Board the Gala would be on the first day of the state school board convention.

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