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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pearl Harbor

January 2, 2008


Dear Friends:


As many of you know the Kimmel family has been working for over 65 years to restore the honor and justice due our grandfather, Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, Commander in Chief of the U.S. Naval forces at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked on December 7, 1941, and the Army Commander, General Walter C. Short. 


Both of these men have been judged to have served their country "competently and professionally" by various tribunals which closely studied the various facts as they emerged since that day in infamy. Yet the initial and unsubstantiated allegation coming weeks after the attack-now refuted by these same tribunals-of Kimmel & Short being “derelict in their duty”, continues 66 years later because our government, which has made these men scapegoats for the disaster at Pearl Harbor, refuses to correct the injustice afforded these men.  In fact, despite the STRONG body of new evidence supporting the Kimmel family request, those who advise our President REFUSE to bring this issue to his attention and have gone so far as to rebuke the formal request of the United States Congress in 2000 recommending a "restoration of rank" for both these men.


The Kimmel family is asking its friends across the country to view a special video message to President Bush and then to lend your support to our effort "electronically" with a short email message asking him to view the video HIMSELF and judge our request BASED ON THE FACTS !!


The video summarizes our case in just 5 1/2 minutes and has been placed on “You Tube” to be viewed by as many people possible.  The link which takes you directly to it is:


If after viewing our message you find agreement with our cause and wish to help, please send an email to President Bush at this address:


I would appreciate any response you receive being forwarded to me at:


Our hope is you will pass this email onto your email list of contacts, and they in turn will do the same, and that this will happen over & over again, so that cumulatively thousands of emails to the President will eventually cause the case of Kimmel & Short to reach his attention.


This is not a political issue-it's an issue of "honor" that has been ignored by democratic & republican presidents for far too long.  Hopefully with your help, and the help of your friends, and their friends, and their friends, we can create a firestorm of support that will cause President Bush to take action.


Thank you for your support.  May God bless you and your family during the new year.


Manning M. Kimmel IV

Thomas K. Kimmel Jr.

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