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Monday, October 20, 2008

AP Verses IB Classes

The difference between AP and IB courses has been debated in Rock Hill since IB was offered in the late 90's. My family experience is that both are good, college level programs. Jay Mathews, of the Washington Post, has some comments today on the AP/IB Debate and also a descussion on colleges taking a long time to evaluate the IB program. It appears SC colleges have been more open to the value of the IB program.

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mom-the-bomb said...

While the IB courses can seem unconventional, I believe there are great benefits to some students. The approaches are very different. The AP courses are more straightforward in my opinion but don't take into account a student's learning style as readily as the IB program. I was not ready for my child to enter this program and feared it would set her up for failure. However, it has been such a blessing for her learning style, and I believe it will be the best decision we let her make on her own.

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