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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SC AYP Results Have Been Released

South Carolina has released the AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) results for mostl schools. You can see the results for each Rock Hill Elementary and Middle School here. AYP data for high schools as well as district and state level data won’t be released until next week.


Anonymous said...

Just 1 made the mark? WOW! Even worse than the statewide average of a dismal 20 percent success!

jimvining said...

It is what it is. For folks who do not know about voice for school choice - they are an anti-public education group that likes to attack pro-education legislators. When they are pressed to show their results with all the subgroups public schools have, they go silent. They are much better at tearing down than building up. Why would you want your children to go to school with their children?

Micah Douglas said...


Please update your link. That link is the pre-release link that isn't normally published.

The correct link is:

Anonymous said...

Your "Why would you want your children to go to school with their children?" comment pretty well sums it up.
You, in your capacity as the government, knows whats best for all, and through your inefficient command-and-control schools, you will deliver your vision to their children.
This smug entitlement attitude goes along way in explaining why Upstate public school districts are more than 200 points behind the public schools in North Carolina on the SAT.

jimvining said...

When you start comparing apples to apples, we can have a good conversation. Your name would be a good starting point.

Anonymous said...

Apples to apples comparison of SAT scores at Upstate South Carolina public schools versus North Carolina and Georgia schools.

Note the 200 point gap, despite similar testing rates. Parents in your district deserve much better

(and contact info is on the site)

jimvining said...

Voice for choice knows of which I ask. They know that demographics play a big part in performance. That's why they don't show that information - it's what I was referring to in the apples to apples comparison.

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