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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blogs Every Teacher Should Read

From the "online" blog:


These blogs have everything you need for your ultimate teacher’s toolbox.

  1. PBS Teaching Resource Center: This site for K-12 teachers is an environment where new teachers can feel safe asking questions, using free tools and printing lesson and activity plans for class assignments.
  2. Teachers Count: TeachersCount is a national non-profit dedicated to raising the status of the teaching profession and providing free resources to teachers.
  3. Teachers First: The Web resource by teachers, for teachers. The site includes lesson planning help, weekly puzzles, and news you can use.
  4. The Dream Teacher: This blog looks at poverty and socioeconomic status within public schools and how teachers can improve the lives of their students.
  5. Chalk Dust 101: A teacher helps his colleages to look at the world with discerning, educated, but non-judgemental eyes.
  6. If Bees are Few: Technological advice, teaching aides, and lesson ideas from one blogger to the rest of America’s educators.
  7. Classroom Management: Ever wondered how to keep your classroom from becoming a zoo? Find out by following this blog!
  8. Teachhub Education Blog: You’ll be impressed by the well-researched and valuable information this blog provides.
  9. Science teacher: The blog title seems simple enough, but this veteran teacher has much to say, many questions to ask, and just as many answers to provide.
  10. Study Skills Mentor: The best lesson you could teach your class, and the greatest gift you could give them, is to teach them how to learn. Look at different ways to teach them how to study, how to ask questions, and how to read text for content.

Teacher Bloggers

These men and women live all over the world, teach all types of subject matter, and offer varied but excellent advice on becoming a better educator.

  1. 2 Cents: Blog by art teacher David Warlick.
  2. A Passion for Teaching: This blog chronicles the journey of a Social Science teacher at Ukiah High School in Ukiah, California.
  3. Betty’s Blog: Teacher Betty from Texas blogs about her students, her love for educating and the wisdom she’s gained over the course of her career.
  4. JT Spencer’s Blog: This young teacher changes the name of his blog as often as he changes his teaching techniques. Learn both from him and with him.
  5. Sneaker Teacher: Daily wisdom and insight from a professional educator.
  6. Ms. Teacher: This is a blog about the educational experience of a middle school teacher, and her advice on maintaining a work-life balance.
  7. Cool Cat Teacher: This teacher isn’t only good at what she does, she’s passionate about it too.
  8. Kathy Cassidy’s Classroom Blog: Cassidy shares her best practices and keeps you updated with her students’ progress.
  9. It’s Not All Flowers and Sausages: This great tell-it-like-it-is blog shows you the shadow side of teaching as well as the rewards.
  10. Learning is Messy: Brian Crosby has nearly 30 years of teaching experience under his belt, and he knows it isn’t always easy. But he’ll show you how he got through the tough times and give you plenty of motivation to do the same.


Love it or hate it, innovations in technology are released every single day. Learn not only how to adapt, but how to take advantage of these changes by reading the blogs below.

  1. 21st Century Learning: This teacher and blogger writes about how technology can and will impact teaching.
  2. One Crazy Teacher to Another: Here you’ll find posts that chronicle this teacher’s discover of new technology that makes his life easier.
  3. Teacher 2.0: This blog is designed to help teachers better learn to adapt online tools and new gadgets to the classroom environment.
  4. Lisa’s Online Teaching Blog: Read posts that cover topics like interactive programs, learning styles and technology in this blog.
  5. TeacherTech Blog: Get the occasional tech tip in this blog, created to help teachers learn to better utilize technology.
  6. Encountering E-Learning Education: Teaching student Em discusses her experiences learning about new teaching technologies and gives her thoughts in this blog.
  7. Learning Technology Teacher Development: English teachers can get some helpful advice in ways they can use new technology from Second Life lessons to online dictation programs in this blog.
  8. Edumacation: Get some insight on how you can use technology in your teaching with some helpful advice from this first year English teacher.
  9. Remote Access: This blog can help you get a better understanding of how to implement technology like blogging in your classroom.
  10. Classhacks: Get small tips related to educational technology and ways you can implement it into your classroom through the posts and resources in this blog.
  11. Utilizing Blogs In the Classroom: Learn new ways to make blogs an effective learning tool with a little advice from posts and articles here.
  12. TechieTeacher: Teachers interested in using the latest technology in their classrooms can get some great ideas from this blog.

Subject Specific

From science to social studies, these teachers are the best of the best in their respective fields of education.

  1. Math Notes: This blog follows the day to day life of a high school math teacher as she instructs students in subjects like statistics and algebra.
  2. Teaching College Math: Even if you don’t teach college level math you can benefit from the questions and information found in this blog.
  3. Music Teacher’s Blog: Music teachers looking for new and innovative ways to teach music to their students can find links to resources, advice and more in this blog.
  4. The Social Studies Teacher Blog: This blog can provide social studies teachers with sample lessons and ideas in subjects like economics and American history.
  5. The Teacher’s View: Blogger and teacher Paul gives his thoughts on literature and culture in this reading and English focused blog.
  6. It’s a Hardknock Teacher’s Life: This African-American teacher shares her experiences teaching Spanish to middle and high school students in the Northeast.
  7. Teaching Philosophy: Teachers or philosophers interested in working in the classroom will get some interesting ideas of lessons and materials to cover.
  8. Teacher Julie: Julie blogs about her experiences teaching special education in the Philippines as well as many other issues related to education.
  9. The Carrot Revolution: Art teachers can get some ideas of how to use new technology to create innovative and creative lessons for their courses.
  10. PE for Children: Physical education teachers can read up on the latest news in the field through the posts from this news centered blog.
  11. Shakespeare Teacher: Get some help learning to teach the bard and find some Shakespeare related entertainment from this teacher written blog.
  12. Unwrapping the Gifted: Gifted students need special attention too, and you can get ideas for lessons and ways to better teach students in this Teacher Magazine blog.
  13. The Science Bench: Check out these great ideas on teaching science and technology related subjects to your students.

Tips and Tools

As a new teacher, you likely find yourself asking new questions every day. Go to one (or all) of these blogs for expert answers.

  1. How to Be a Better Teacher: Suite 101 bloggers tell you their secrets for being successful educators.
  2. Teacher’s Book Bag: Find sample lesson plans and print outs in this blog.
  3. Teacher Features: Here you’ll find lots of tips on making bookmaking a part of your students’ curriculum.
  4. Teaching Tips Machine: Get some general tips and suggestions for getting more students to complete homework, manage classrooms better and be more effective.
  5. Successful Teaching: New teachers can get some ideas for successful classroom projects and strategies through this blog.

Special Education Emphasis

The blogs below were designed just for teachers in the realm of special education.

    While these blogs may not focus solely on special education, they do contain an emphasis on the subject.

  1. Teachers at Risk: This Teacher of Distinction shares her insights, experience with 20 years of teaching, and practical advice.
  2. Successful Teaching: With 30 years of experience and board certification as an Exceptional Needs Specialist, this teacher knows what she’s talking about when she shares tips and strategies that are helpful for both special ed and regular ed classes.
  3. School Psychologist Blog Files: While this blog is specifically written to parents of students in Special Ed, new teachers can get a feel for challenges the students and their families may face.
  4. Ok, so What Next?: Leaving the world of business and now teaching special education at a school for students with behavioral issues, this blogger shares her experiences as a teacher and a mother.
  5. Special Education Blog: Find plenty of great advice for teaching special ed children on this blog from
  6. On Special Education: Keep track of all the news pertaining to special education with this blog.
  7. Bilingual Special Ed: Written by a professor of Special Education, this blog covers research, news, policy, and more surrounding special education and bilingual education.
  8. Special Education and Learning Differences: Learning life skills, strategies for teaching special ed students, and motivating learners are just a sampling of the topics on this blog.
  9. Barto’s World: This LD teacher shares her perspective on teaching students with learning disabilities and also shares tidbits from the news on the subject.
  10. Special Ed Law: Keep up with important special education legislation and how it affects your classroom.

Other Educators

Librarians, professors, consultants, and others share their insight on these blogs.

  1. Once a Teacher: This former teacher still works in education, but is now dedicated to bringing innovation to education. Her blog reflects her mission to help teachers and students.
  2. Let’s Play Math!: Written by a homeschooling mom, this blog features fun ways to incorporate math into any curriculum.
  3. So You Want To Teach?: The posts here include solid advice for teachers.
  4. Joanne Jacobs: The author of a book about a charter school focusing on preparing Hispanic students for college, Joanne blogs about education in the news.
  5. The Lesson Machine: Inexpensive resources for teachers are featured on this blog broken down into categories of literature, media, and supplies/resources.
  6. Open Education: Follow the changes and innovations occurring in education with the posts on this blog.
  7. HeyJude: Judy O’Connell blogs about technology, education, and libraries in her blog.
  8. Brian McCall’s Economics of Education Blog: See what this professor has to say about the impact of the state of economics on education.
  9. Teach42: Formerly a kindergarten teacher and currently working at Discovery Education, Steve Dembo writes about education, with an emphasis on technology.
  10. NeverEndingSearch: This blog from School Library Journal is focused primarily on school library topics, but there is much information to offer on teaching and learning in general.

News and Politics

These blogs will keep you in the know about news and politics surrounding education.

  1. Buckhorn Road: Focusing on education, politics, and current events, the posts here cover it all.
  2. NYC Educator: Politics and policy both feature highly here as does information and opinion about education news.
  3. Intercepts: This blog from the Education Intelligence Agency covers public education and teachers’ unions.
  4. Eduwonk: Covering news and analyzing what is happening to the world of education, the posts here offer a look at education today.
  5. Politics K-12: From Education Week, this blog focuses on state and federal politics of education.
  6. Teacher Beat: Another Education Week blog, this one provides the latest on politics and policy important to teachers.
  7. Democrats for Education Reform: This political action committee works with the Democratic party to reform education, and its blog discusses important issues surrounding education and reform.
  8. GothamSchools: This blog is written by two education reporters with outstanding credentials and focuses on what is and is not working in the New York schools.
  9. Whether national or international, commentary, or breaking news, if it has to do with education, it will probably appear in this blog.
  10. TeachMoore: Renee Moore writes about politics and news in the education community on her blog.


These Twitter microblogs are full of information, resources, news, games, lesson planning assistance, and more.

  1. Homeschoolers: Free help for homeschool teachers.
  2. Standards Toolbox: The Standards Toolbox is a free suite of K-12 online teacher tools, including a lesson planner, grade book, class web page, and more.
  3. Futurelabedu: Develops innovative resources and practices that support new approaches to learning for the 21st century.
  4. JustAskEdu: Parents, teachers, and others invested in education come ask for advice, ideas, and support.
  5. education_com: Offers information to support classroom education that caters to both educators and parents.
  6. DEN: Discovery Education connects teachers to their greatest resource: other teachers!
  7. techlearning: Great for computer science educators.
  8. New Teacher Survival: Get daily tips about how to survive at your new teaching job.
  9. Teachermagazine: A leading source for k-12 teacher leaders covering instruction, school environment, classroom technology, curriculum, and more.
  10. Scholastic Teach: Resources for every teacher to reach each and every child.
  11. Teaching Ideas: Provides free ideas, resources, links and news to teachers around the world.
  12. A Gift for Teaching: These Tweets come from a non-profit that gives away free school supplies and experiences to teachers and students in high-need schools through various programs.
  13. TSL Events: Exhibitions for education professionals in the early years, primary, secondary and special needs sectors.
  14. Teacher Corner: Provides free worksheets, lesson plans, bulletin boards and other free educational activities to teachers, parents and homeschoolers worldwide.
  15. Teacher Created: Teacher created resources, free lessons, and more for Pre-K to 8th grade teachers.
  16. For Teachers Only: Follow these Tweets to receive teaching tips, jokes, new product alerts, promotions, and much more!
  17. Tips for Teachers: Joel Heffner was a New York City teacher and teacher trainer. He now writes and conducts workshops. Follow him.
  18. KDS for Teachers: Innovative e-learning for teachers.
  19. Outwit Me: On this site, you’ll find brainy Twitter games.
  20. Plinky: With Plinky, get a daily prompt question or challenge to answer.

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