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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rock Hill School Board October Work Session Notes

The Rock Hill School Board met on Monday, October 12, 2009 for their October work session at South Pointe High School. The only action from the meeting was to make Mildred Douglas and Ann Reid voting delegates to the South Carolina School Board Association's business meeting in December. The vote was 6-0 (Silverman unable to attend meeting).

The board heard reports from South Pointe High School on their student intervention for improvement and from District employees on their 5-year plan for "The Rock Hill Climb".

The Superintendent made a preliminary presentation on the district's plan for a balanced budget in two years. The final plan will be presented at the October business meeting. Some of the possible points:
  • Work with local legislature members to find other sources of income
  • Raise local taxes the maximum (6 mils) for the next two years (about $2.6 million revenue increase)
  • Reduce the fund balance to 1 months reserve (2.5 million reduction)
  • Eliminate 46 teaching positions through attrition if possible
  • Change insurance arrangements for "letter of agreement employees"
  • Eliminate 6th and 9th grade transition days.
Items which an attempt will be made to preserve:
  • The Carrol School and Brattonsville Academy
  • Elementary foreign language program

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