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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Take an Online Poll on Importance of School Diversity

The Edutopia Poll

by Laila Weir

Low-income students perform better at schools with a middle-class majority than at those where a majority of students qualify for free and reduced lunch, research shows. One report found low-income students at economically diverse schools scored a whopping 20 to 32 percent higher in reading and math. (Download a PDF of the economic-diversity report.) So how do schools get a mixed student body? When they draw pupils from both poor and affluent areas, they have to compete with private (and public magnet) schools. When they draw from high-poverty areas alone, it's more complicated. Some districts mandate mixing by "busing" kids between poor and middle-class neighborhoods, while others try to attract affluent parents with magnet schools. Should districts take action to integrate schools, and if so, what's the best approach? We want to hear your opinion.

What's the best way to make schools economically diverse?

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vamoe said...

It costs all of us when students with disadvantaged backgrounds are not able to flourish. A combination of redistricting and magnet schools, as well as equal funding for each child (even the ones in poor districts) and de-politicized national standards would solve a lot of problems and help our country.

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