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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another View

Some of you will find this hard to believe, but I work hard trying to present a lot of different angles about public education. Some of the stuff I post - I don't agree with - but believe my readers are competent enough to perform their own evaluation. This flies in the face of current statistics though. Look how many people vote straight ticket (Democrat and Republican) - I wonder if somehow they do that in the belief it makes them less accountable?

Which brings me to  this post, South Carolina's junior senator, Jim DeMint, has a video (posted below) making the rounds in favor of school choice. There really isn't anything new in there (in fact, this one might be more fair than most), but you should watch the video and form your own opinion. While you watch, you will hear:

  • Senator DeMint say that private schools cost half as much per student as public schools because of government regulations forced on public schools. You should support choice because it saves tax payer dollars. The implication being  those regulations are bad. Wouldn't we save a lot more money by eliminating  government regulations for all students (if they are bad regulations)? Where is the Senator on this?
  • You will hear that private schools have more innovative ideas and better address the different learning styles that all children have. Ask yourself, what are those ideas and learning techniques and are you sure they are not available in the public schools?
  • You will hear that private schools  get more parent involvement and are more responsive to parent's needs. What are these schools doing and why can't public schools do them as well?
  • Without the same academic accountability that public schools are required to have, how will parents know the academic quality of their private school? How will you, the tax payer, know your taxes are being well spent (either as a voucher or tax credit).
  • What will prevent a re segregation of schools by economic class, if not by race. Would this be good for America if it happens?

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