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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Proposed 2011-12 Rock Hill School Calendar

The Rock Hill School Board will most likely vote on a calendar for next year at the monthly business meeting on Monday, March 28, 2011. Interestingly, in spite of the barrage in the newspapers in January, there has been no feedback to the board on this calendar. I have received one email and that concerned having a teacher work day on the same day as graduation. Clarification and a link to the calendar are below:
Furlough days--There has not been a  recommendation to the school board about furlough days. However, in determining the calendar, the board requested information on which "teacher days" would be designated as furlough days, if needed. Therefore, they have been listed.
Make-up days--By law, three days must be designated as "make-up days." In the calendar, make-up days are at the end of the school year. If no make-up days are needed, school will end for students on May 29 and for teachers, on May 30. Graduation would still be on June 2.
If two make-up days, for example, are needed, school would end for students on May 31 and for teachers, on June 1.  Graduation would still be on June 2.
Click here to see an example of the calendar.

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Lynn said...

I was disappointed that the calendar presented to the board looks little like those that district employees were presented with and asked to give feedback on. Three items in particular stand out to me. For many years we have started the year in the middle of the week, giving both students and staff the opportunity to ease back into the school year, yet the calendar presented to the board has everyone starting on Monday with a full week of classes. Makeup days added to the end of the calendar may fulfill the requirement for the number of days students need to be in school but will do little to make up for the instructional time lost on those days originally. If we do miss days due to weather, it will surely be in the winter, well before statewide testing dates, but students will not "recover" that instructional time until after testing ha been completed. Lastly, I question the end date for school falling on the day after Memorial Day and wonder just how many families might decide to take the long weekend to start their summer holiday, especially if there are no snow make-up days necessary. I'm certain the calendar committee has worked long and hard to come up with a calendar that meets all the needs of the district, but I believe that there were other, more effective options presented earlier in the year.

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