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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Discussion For School Administrators and School Boards

We'll soon have a presentation to the Rock Hill School board  to spend $2+ million dollars for technology upgrades and new computers. This has been a right of passage each year since the early 90's when the Rock Hill School District was one of the first districts in South Carolina to embrace technology. The problem is, the plan hasn't changed much in all this time. Oh, we'll ask for laptops instead of desktops, and IPADs instead of laptops, but the basic framework is unchanged - replace equipment at a 4 to 5 year interval and upgrade infrastructure.

There are many studies which suggest the plan should change. For example, computer integration doesn't show much education improvement unless the saturation is at least one computer (or terminal) for every 6 students - and then it is marginal, especially when compared to one-to-one computing (every student has a computer).

The video below is an interview with the superintendent of the Mooresville NC school district with a discussion all school boards and superintendents should be having.

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