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Sunday, July 17, 2011

We Get Comments

I usually do not read comments on  newpaper posts because so many of them are anonymous. People can get pretty brash when they think no one will know who they are. Therefore, I was quite surprised to find the comments below posted to facebook when Wcbl Rock Hill  listed  the Superintendent's evaluation. On facebook, you'll get a lot more information  than at the paper web site. My thanks to Russ and Jane for some positve comments. As for Grace and Taft, well, it just points out how we can be doing a better job communicating. So much of what they believe is not true, and it's our responsibility (the board's) to get the message out. Oh, and say a prayer for the teachers who deal with this every day of the school year. See the comments (items in red are close to "pants on fire". for example; I'm not aware of "pet" projects; we are not losing money everyday; we are not increasing discretionary funds for principals; everyone in the schools is feeling the impact of revenue reductions; we paid Evergreen $30,000 - about a first year teachers salary - and are budgeting in excess of $500,000 savings for next year by following their recommendations (and saving at least 10 positions); the turf on district three was an expense (which I did not support) but it was considerably less than $1 million and the turf which was removed was used at Sullivan Middle School saving some money; children were not short changed 5 days of school and in fact, Rock Hill Schools went more days than most of the school districts in the up state; everyone in the district had salary reductions - administrators, including the superintendent, had a higher reduction than teachers and; no football coach in the district is making anywhere near $165,000 - salary scales can be found online):

Grace S. G.  will not comment
Taft I will......that's a damn joke!!!
Grace S. G.  My word exactly, LMBO!! The school board must have been on drugs. Need to get all those members drinking too much Kool-Aid out of there for the future of the children.
Taft  How is it the budget is in the garbage and she is spending money on things that do not matter and she still gets an excellent rating?
I mean really. The school board has their little pet projects that are taken care of so they make sure she stays where she is. I should run for office with the school board and shed some logic on these people. we are losing money everyday and instead of losing teachers we increase the discretionary funds of the principals, refuse to lower the pay of the football coaches, and higher staff positions. the only people feeling the pain of the budget shortfalls are children. I bet Lynn Moody's nice house isn't going unpaid for, but she has absolutely no problem laying off special ed teachers. Anyone else trying to wrap your head around this? We pay someone to come in ad do a case study of how we can save money and pay these people the equivalent of 4 teachers' annual salaries. We put astroturf on the football field and paid over a million for it. How many teachers could have been saved with that money?

I work very closely with the Rock Hill School employees in my job. I am amazed at the wonderful things they are able to do with so little money and continuing budget cuts. I see first hand how dedicated and talented the employees are from the top down. I see them working daily miracles as they teach our children. They are able to do this inspite of how little support they get from many parents and how many times the budget is cut again. I'm afraid I would have to give the superintendent an Excellent rating unless there is one that is higher than Excellent. She is quite an Excellent Leader!

Miracles.....Is that why my son has to take off 5 days a year and his teacher does to? When is the last time Lynn Moody took a pay cut? She needs to be replaced. the teachers are the ones that deserve all of the credit for shaping our children. Lynn Moody is nothing more than a figure head. I have met and talked with her. I have also seen companies that are higher priced and do lower quality work land contracts because no one will research them. If she is so great, explain the new turf at the stadium. Explain why her salary hasn't been touched but teachers are getting laid off and having to take unpaid days off. Explain why programs for special ed are getting cut but sports are going strong. The public has a lot of questions and no answers. The entire school board is a joke. Understanding budget cuts, they are taking money from the wrong places. Why is Ebinport Elementary getting a new parking lot? What is that costing?

Jane  I think Dr. Moody does a good job with the big picture… which is what gets the Kudos.
Taft What is the big picture??? The children are the only picture and by forcing days off she is hindering education. make cuts elsewhere and let the kids learn.
Jane  Five days off does not hinder learning. Do I agree that trimming administration is a better option? Yes! I was saying that the overall look...compared to other districts is ok.
Taft  How does it not hinder learning? Less days being taught by nature learns the amount of learning. if you cut all administrative part by 10% how much will that free up? Furthermore by cutting the bonus for national certification to stop better qualified teachers from coming to the district
Jane  You are assuming that learning only occurs at school.
Taft  No its up to the parents as well but when I past school taxes and the head person lives the high life and my sons teacher is forced to takes days off without pay then thats garbage. when the district is payinga football coach 165k a year and then whines about budget cuts that is wrong.
Jane  I agree. hiring a "green" coordinator or what ever title is wrong too.
Grace S. G.  
I hear too many horror stories from parents in my neck of the woods. A lot of folks I know if they could and could "afford it" and I have a lot of friends who already do home school, parocheol (sorry about spelling), private, etc., just to get away from the public school system. Just to get away from what the government is trying to do. If you can imagine also what the teachers are allowed to teach and what they are allowed not too teach, it is pretty sad, not just hear, all over the country. But I will admit, our county does waste too much.

Grace S. G.  I will admit to one thing.....................​.be glad we are not in Charlotte with Peter Gorman.
Angie My son is not in school anymore. Not so long ago I was having to pay $20 a session for makeup school that was MANDATORY, because the students NEEDED those hours that they were missing. Apparently now 5 days out of school is not such a big deal, as long as it bennefits the right people huh?!
Grace S. G.  Isn't that what we pay taxes for? I need to attend a meeting or go on the internet or something and figure out what our taxes from our vehicles, etc. that goes towards school pays for.
Jane  I am paying for school this summer for my child because the system failed. Unfortunately individual teacher Ability And Want to meet my child's needs is poor.
Taft  No there are a lot of things that you can attribute to that. Lack of studying, poor teaching, or even those 5 days he didnt get to go learn. You say the system failed but you are defending the very system you are saying has failed.
Jane  No I am not defending the system! I am saying Dr. Moody is doing well at the overall picture...specifics...rela​ted to my Big picture as related to other disricts....looks great.

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