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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

School Issues On WRHI

The school board has taken a position to support the renewal of pennies for progress. Improving  roads in Rock County is a good thing for our children. For sure, if we don't approve this, the orange barrels you see will go away and our traffic issues will get much worse over time. Three county commissioners talk about the merits on the radio.

Straight Talk: 07/25/11 Britt Blackwell, Chad Williams & Bump Roddey

Monday, July  25th
County Councilmen William “Bump” Roddey, Chad Williams and Chairman, Britt Blackwell
Pennies for Progress

Palmetto Mornings: 07/25/11 Bob Norwood

Rock Hill School Board chairman Bob Norwood discusses the situation surrounding the hiring of Northwestern High School Athletic Director Lauren West.

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