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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rock Hill Schools March Work Session Notes

The Rock Hill School Board held their March Work Session at Lesslie Elementary School on Monday, March 12, 2012. These are my notes from the meeting:

  • Lesslie Elementary School made a 30 minute presentation. After viewing a short video (Click here for a link to the video), we had a presentation by a "Watch Dog Dad", a second grade student and two teachers. There was a brief demonstration of a tech device, PD360 and Edmodo.
  • The board was shown examples of text books that will be submitted for board approval during the March business meeting.
  • The board discussed a policy for using personal electronic devices in the schools and a wellness policy. These will be up for first vote at the March business meeting. Click here to see the currently proposed policies. Click here to see the write up about the technology policy in Tuesday's Herald paper.
  • The board heard a request for activity bus usage for the City of Rock Hill. This will be voted on at the March business meeting.
  • The administration went over the planning calendar and the superintendent asked the board for any additions. Grading policy is currently on the agenda for April.
  • The board received a status on current budgeting for the next school year.
  • Dr. Sharp updated the board on our community communication efforts.
  • Walter Brown updated the board on legislative issues.
  • The board tentatively set two dates (April 11 or 18) for a retreat to work on a document in response to a document published by the SCRG on the cost of public education. Click here to see the SCRG document.
  • The board had a short executive session for property and personnel issues.

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