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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Winthrop University is Big Business

These facts were recently handed out at a "State of the City (Rock Hill)" meeting:

Thinking of Winthrop University As a Business:
$426,762,864 million insurance replacement value for physical plant  (not including land)
  • Winthrop University buys electrical power in bulk wholesale and distributes it over its own network. The campus uses 37,410,939 kilowatts of electricity and 1 million therms of natural gas per year.
  • Winthrop University operates its own water and sewer systems.
  • Winthrop University owns and operates its own telephone system with approximately 2,000 lines.
  • Winthrop University runs its own 26-person campus police department, providing protection and service 24 hours a day.

Winthrop University provides 1,900+ residential students with lodging and restaurant services, including:
      $70,000 weekly grocery bill for dining services.
      Preparation of 28,000 meals per week for students (390,000 meals per semester.)
      Sales of over 35,000 Popeye's chicken tenders during the fall semester.
Winthrop staff handles workloads similar to that of large corporations:
  • Maintains 2,000 PC/400 Mac computer inventory with 6,500 network connections
  • Processes 47,600 payroll deposits annually.
  • Sends out 55,000 invoices annually.
  • Processes 57,600 cash receipts annually.
  • Handles 15,000 work orders annually.
  • Recycles or sends for reuse 375,000 pounds of paper, aluminum, plastic, scrap metal, food scraps, furniture, landscaping debris, cardboard, construction and demolition waste annually.


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