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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rock Hill School Board; Honors Hayes; Buys 2,400 IPADS and: Gives Most Teachers 6% Raise

The Rock Hill School Board held their June Business meeting at the District Office on Monday, June 25, 2012. These are my notes from the meeting:
South Carolina State Senator Wes Hayes

Sandy Andrews, Rock Hill's Adult Education Director, on behalf of all the South Carolina Adult Education Director's, presented South Carolina State Senator Wes Hayes with a State Legislator of the Year Award.

Senator Hayes, who has been a long champion for Adult Education, as well as K-12 education, received the award during Monday's meeting. The board and administration supported the action taken by the state directors.


The board voted to buy 2,400 IPADS as part of the $6 million dollar bond package that passed with a 6-1 vote. $3 million of the 5 year bond went for capital improvements and $3 million went for technology upgrades - of which - $1.2 million is for the purchase of IPADS. Vining voted against the measure because the expected life for an IPAD is considerably less than for the laptops which they will be replacing. Tax payers will be paying for devices 5 years from now that would have been already replaced twice. Because of retiring bonds and some fancy refinancing, there will be no increase in taxes.

As part of the 2012-13 budget which the board approved with a 7-0 vote, there will be a 2% cost of living raise for all employees, and two step increases for teachers who qualify for a step increase. The value of a step increase varies with years of service (early years are about 2.5% and later years a little over 1%) but would probably average out to about 2% per step. This increase will bring the Rock Hill teachers back to where they were before recent budget cuts.

The budget, however, is not balanced. It includes taking $1.1 million dollars from the reserve fund and is based on the budget passed by the senate (which has not been approved by the house). Should the final budget version approved be similar to what the house passed, the balance would be off by an additional $2.4 million. As part of the motion passed by the board, should anything other than the senate version be passed, the board will meet on July 16 to make reductions/changes. There will be no tax increase if the senate proposal is passed.

You can read Shawn Cetrone's report of the meeting by clicking here.

In other action, the board approved the following items with 7-0 votes:
  • Stephanie DiStasio as Principal of Rosewood Elementary School
  • Jacqueline Jones as Principal of The Children's School at Sylvia Circle Elementary
  • Leigh Grier-Falato as the Assistant Principal at Oakdale Elementary School (from Richland 2 school district)
  • Anthony Lancaster as an Assistant Principal at Northwestern High School (from Chester school district)
  • The Consent Agenda (minutes, school trip, facility rentals, and take money from reserve fund to prevent a federal mandated lunch price increase)
  • Policy BE for 1st reading:

  • Policy JICJ for first reading:

  • A TAN Resolution to allow the district to borrow up to $8.9 million (short term) to cover expenses between times that revenue is received.
In other business, the board heard a report on the district/board/superintendent achievements during the year and an update on the administration's IROCK initiative. I'll have comments on both of these later in the summer. If you have an interest, you should watch the meeting replay on Comporium Cable TV

For a little humor, watch this IPAD video which has gone viral. The IPAD was a gift to the girls father and you'll see how he is using his new technology:

Click here for a link to the video.

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