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Friday, October 26, 2012

Rock Hill School District Leadership Conference

Alan November
Alan November gave the opening keynote address to the Rock Hill School District Leadership Conference Friday.

He made a point of teaching students  to evaluate data available on the internet. Most schools he goes into do not do this. Most teachers do not know how to do this. He gave several examples of student reports, utilizing online resources, which were completely wrong because the sources were not reliable.

I recently took a Google Online Power Search class. I signed up to see how the online class worked, and found out I didn't know a lot about using Google Search. The class addresses most of the issues Alan mentioned and is available for free. It is something all students and staff should complete.

How did I do? I did pass. But more importantly, I learned an awful lot about the power of good search of the internet. You can take the class, or just get more information, by clicking here.

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