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Friday, November 2, 2007

Board Retreat Agenda - 11/3

The Board will have a retreat this Saturday at the Stone House at Winthrop University, 8:00 am until Noon.
Proposed Agenda:
Building Capacity
  • Out of capacity charts - philosophic
  • Out of capacity charts - program/architectural
  • Projected enrollment
District Facilities Master Plan
  • Review updated capital planning timeline
Future High Schools
  • Magnet school survey results
  • Downtown magnet vs. traditional high school
Schools of Choice
  • Elementary (Sunset Park & Sylvia Circle)
  • Middle
  • High School (Phoenix, ATC)
Are we committed to a philosophic capacity at each grade level?
What needs to be done to prepare for future growth?
Should we continue to consider a downtown magnet high school?
Do we want to expand our number and types of choice schools or programs?

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