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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Feb 11 District Three Work Session Notes

Action Item: The Board voted 4-3 to uphold a students request for
reinstatement in school. Brown, Norwood, and Reid voted against.

In other business:
Northside Elementary School of the Arts gave a presentation on their
strategies for increasing student achievement.

Sig Huitt and Jane Peeples, Carolina Public Relations/Marketing, gave a
presentation on work they are doing for the district on improving our
recognition power and getting everyone to communicate clearly in one

Dan Holden and Daniel Cobb, Educational Human Resources and Management
Consultants, gave a presentation on their work with the district on
benchmarking salaries for administrative and classified staff. Their
recommendation was to bring salaries to 5% above the average of 7 districts
benchmarked (York, Clover, Fort Mill, Chester, Lancaster, Richland 2,
Dorchester 2) at a cost of $1.322 million dollars. They couldn't explain why
the state report cards showed the Rock Hill District with the third highest
administrative salary average or the fact we have not lost administrative or
classified employees to surrounding districts. The administration promised a
salary administration policy before making an adjustment request for next
years budget. The consultants did report our salary supplements (coaches,
band directors ect.) were in line with the other districts. The district
does not plan a similar review for critical needs teachers.

Tammy White, Principal of Sunset Park Elementary School, Rich Melzer,
Director of Elementary Education, and Caroline Massengill, Consultant for
Magnet schools and President of Magnet Schools of America, made a
presentation of proposed changes for Sunset Park. Basically, Sunset Park
would be turned into a Technology and Gifted Magnet. A good write up of
this can be found in Tuesday's Rock Hill Herald ( ). The changes would not
take place until the 2009 - 2010 school year and would take 3 to 5 years to
take off. First year costs would be around $500,000 for capital improvements
and staff development. Additional staff would also be required. The
administration is asking for a reversal of the vote taken at the January
Business session where the Board denied an Administration request to drop
the year round calendar. All indications are this would be done.

John Hair gave an update on the Stadium Scoreboard/Turf. Bids for the turf
should be in this month. The review committee included no coaches but the
administration committed to have the football and soccer coaches sign off on
their recommendation. Only one vendor bid on the scoreboard. Most likely,
an advertising package would be worked out with the scoreboard vendor so
district staff and booster volunteers would not have to sell ads.

MB Kahn and MBAJ Architects gave a presentation on a new wrestling and football building for South Pointe High School. This would make the athletic facilities comparable for the three high schools. Cost was $2.4 million dollars and would be paid for from bond interest.

Luanne Kokolis reported the district was not interested in pursuing school
bus advertising at this time.

Policies were submitted for review. The administration committed to have
lawyers review their proposed policy on mentoring - particularly with
reference to after school activities.

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