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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's ALIVE Once Again -- Robot, That Is

Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but this year's robot is alive
and well!!

About 7PM tonight, we tried Mothra out for the first time. Zach and
Jeff had developed the teleoperated program and Patrick, Kevin, Matt,
Brittany, Justin, Victor, and several others had the robot mechanicals
and wiring fabricated. I must admit, I was REALLY surprised that all
five motors and two limit switches worked as designed. OK, so there was
a little issue with battery connections, the right wheel turned
backwards (we KNEW that, anyway), and the arm didn't extend (first
because the motor wasn't connected and then because the belt was loose).
But, for all those pieces to come together with such few and minor bugs
is truly remarkable.

We've still got LOTS of work to do -- programming the IR remote (by the
way, Zach, the wiring for the remote is complete and the sensor is
working), adding two more limit switches, finishing off the ball holder,
attaching fenders and lettering, installing a few required electronics
(lap counter, function light), and many, many PR items.

See you at ATC!? Come dirve Mothra. . .

Mack Bailey

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