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Friday, February 15, 2008

Help introduce Sam to John, Barack, Hillary, & Mike!

Meet Sam. Like all four year olds, Sam has a brain like a sponge. In
fact, children's most important brain development occurs before they
turn five. As a supporter of pre-kindergarten, you know that what Sam
learns now - during this critical window of opportunity - will affect
the rest of Sam's life.

By now you've met Barack, Hillary, John, and Mike. As candidates for
president, they are talking about big issues like the struggling
economy. But you, like Sam's parents, probably want to know: Who will
invest in our children's potential by making pre-k a national priority?

The future for Sam - and for all of America's young children - depends
on what you do right now. Click the link below to introduce Sam to
Barack, Hillary, John, and Mike and ask them to make Sam's access to
quality pre-k a priority in their campaigns.

Unfortunately, Sam lives in one of the 47 states where state-funded,
voluntary pre-k is not available to all children.
That's why today, Pre-K Now is launching - a national
campaign to raise awareness of the lack of access to high-quality,
state-funded pre-k and what these missed opportunities cost America's
children, families, and communities.

When budgets are tight, a country makes clear its priorities.
It's time for the presidential candidates to show us that they
understand: We can pay now for quality pre-k, or we can pay much more
later to cope with more children who need special education classes, get
held back a grade, or drop out of high school.

Tell the candidates that when you vote this November, you'll be looking
for a president who will make pre-k a national priority and who
understands that this is the first step to improving America's education

After you make your voice heard, please click here to introduce your
friends to Sam and ask them to join you in sending a message to the

With your help, Sam doesn't have to miss out on the kind of early
learning that builds a foundation for success. Together, we can make
quality pre-k accessible for Sam and all of our country's youngest

Libby Doggett
A project of Pre-K Now

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