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Friday, May 23, 2008

Class of 2008: Then and now
An interesting article from Friday's State Newspaper:

Posted on Fri, May. 23, 2008

The high school class of 2008 ventures out into a very different world from when it entered kindergarten in August 1995. Here’s a look at what was happening then and today’s reality.

Average price of a gallon of gas

Then: $1.17

Now: $3.68 (215 percent increase)

Price of a first-class stamp

Then: 32 cents

Now: 42 cents (31 percent increase)


Then: Hootie and the Blowfish scored a Top 10 hit, “Only Wanna Be With You,” from its blockbuster album, “Cracked Rear View.”

Now: Fans of the four lads still “wanna be” with the good-time party band, which kicks off a 2008 summer tour June 26 in Biloxi, Miss.


Then: Pierce Brosnan starred as James Bond in “GoldenEye,” becoming the fifth actor to play the British MI6 agent on film.

Now: Daniel Craig is the sixth 007; he’s currently filming the 22nd Bond flick, “Quantum of Solace.”


Then: After a protracted legal battle, Shannon Faulkner became the first female member of The Citadel’s Corps of Cadets, but citing stress, withdrew after five days on campus.

Now: Faulkner teaches language arts at the Hughes Academy of Science and Technology, a middle-school magnet program in Greenville County.


Then: Bill Clinton was half-way through his first term as president; George W. Bush was in his first term as governor of Texas.

Now: Bush is in his last year as president; Clinton has fading hopes to become the nation’s first “First Gentleman.”

Annual in-state tuition at Clemson

Then: $3,112

Now: $9,870 (217 percent increase)


Then: Iron man Cal Ripken set the standard in Major League baseball for consecutive games played (2,131).

Now: Sabrina Buster, Angelina Drumheller and Kyle Tomczak are on track to set the standard for their Irmo High School classmates with 12 years of perfect attendance (2,160 days).


Then: Microsoft launched “Windows 95,” a software program that revolutionized the use of desktop computers.

Now: Computers are no longer stationary, tied down by wiring and electricity. In fact, they can now fit in the palm of your hand.


Then: Pitchers John Smoltz and Tom Glavine were stalwarts on the Atlanta Braves, which won its only World Series championship that year against the Cleveland Indians.

Now: Smoltz and Glavine are battling injuries and old age in hopes of repeating that success 13 years ago.

Pop culture

Then: ESPN had two domestic cable outlets, including a spinoff channel, ESPN2.

Now: The “Worldwide Leader” has 15 distinctive TV broadcast operations and is looking to launch a version in Australia.

— Bill Robinson

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