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Friday, May 2, 2008

More on Technology in Our Schools

I've been following several education blogs. One that I find to be interesting is, "dangerously irrelevant" ( ). Most of the posts are about dealing with technology. Scott McLeod , the owner of the blog, has an article in American Association of School Administrators ( ) which I think you'll find interesting to read if you've been following some of the recent technology discussions.  Here is one of his statements,

"School district leaders have a critical choice to make: Will their schools pro-actively model and teach the safe and appropriate use of these digital tools or will they reactively block them out and leave students and families to fend for themselves? Unfortunately, many schools are choosing to do the latter. . . . I can think of no better way to highlight organizational unimportance than to block out the tools that are transforming the rest of society. Schools whose default stance is to prohibit rather than enable might as well plant a sign in front of their buildings that says, “Irrelevant to children’s futures.” "

Take a look at his article and subscribe to his blog - I think you'll find it interesting.

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